Monday, February 13, 2017

Real Wedding: Krystie + Praveen at The Bradford

I was sooo looking forward to Krystie & Praveen's wedding in November. Their number one priority was making sure their guests felt welcomed and comfortable at their wedding. It was remarkable how they truly made all their decisions with this in mind. Praveen is from India and Krystie is from North Carolina. They met in London and have travelled to numerous places around the globe. When they decided to get married at the Bradford in NC, it was really important to them to celebrate the many cultures they represent and had experienced.  

Their wedding was one of my favorites because of the love and mix of cultures that was displayed that day. They decided on a dinner party type reception with soft music in the background and lots of toasts and conversations. I was tearing up (and laughing) at the many toasts that were given that touched on funny memories and how their cultures were different but their hearts had been knitted together. Their was so much love from all over the world that filled the Bradford's ballroom that day. 

Krystie & Praveen - thank you for sharing your day with me. I am forever touched with the sweetness you two displayed throughout the planning process and on your wedding day. And for having Scratch Bakery for your dessert, the pie was de-lic-ious!!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!
Photography: Jim Colman Photography
Venue: The Bradford
Planner: Whitney with C&D Events
Rentals: CE Rental
 Ceremony and Reception Music: Family of Bride and Groom
Dessert: Scratch Baking
Hair and Makeup: Friend of Bride

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our 2017 Personal + Professional Goals

2016 was full of goodness for me personally! In looking forward to 2017, my word of the year is steadfastness. Defined, steadfastness means to be sure, constant, unwavering.
Personal Goal:
In a season of life for me that is personally constantly changing, and in cultural climate that is very much changing, my professional goal is to remain steadfast to the things I know I am called to, gifted in, and to the people to whom I've been entrusted (family, children, friends, clients). I'll become a mother for the second time this year, and will celebrate 9 years of marriage - personally praying that I can continue to be steadfast in those roles while (keeping my sanity!) remaining healthy and doing the things that fire me up!
Professional Goal:
Professionally, I'll strive to allow that steadfastness pour forth to my client interactions and relationships - striving to make every client I work with know how much of a value they and their wedding day are to me. I absolutely love my job and feel called to it, and plan on enjoying planning celebrations made of dreams for each couple's wedding day in 2017.

Personal Goal: know house, gym, momness, all the things......maybe I will even vacuum out the car a time or two.
Professional Goal:
I am totally working on my client response time and experience this year - I want all of my "people" to walk away feeling important and catered to! Clients - let me know if I'm hitting this goal with you :)

Personal Goal:
This year, as I say almost every year, is to figure out a better balance. 2016 kind of crept up on us and I felt like my time was just gone all the time. We were growing (which is wonderful!), but it also makes for long work days, brain storming sessions, and putting in place infrastructure and policies to help our planners. It is so tiring. As 2017 is here- it is my goal to be a better time manager. I want to be more present at ballet and gymnastics. I want to play more board games with my husband. I just want to be there when life happens. Who knows if I will figure it out THIS year- let's be real, it will more than likely be my goal for every year until I retire. But hey- it's worth a try!
Professional Goal:
My professional goal is to get a wedding/styled shoot in print in a major magazine. I am not sure which one, but I have a few in mind and a few events in mind that I think are great contenders. There is something surreal about seeing your work in print, in Barnes and Noble!

Personal Goal:
To be more present. In the moment, fully engaged, and less distracted. If I'm with my family, I want to be WITH them 100% and not pulled away by Facebook, or emails or work. And then when I'm working, I want to be there 100% as well and not distracted by other things. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to wear so many hats at once, but I think by making a decision to be present and focused on the task at hand, I will feel more balanced and able to handle one thing and one day at a time.
Professional Goal:
I want to push myself creatively this year and come up with my own style shoot for Bushel & Peck. I also want to focus on training some other designers so that we have a large team that can successfully execute multiple designs at multiple locations.

Personal Goal:
This one is easy. I would like to purchase my first home. My husband and I are currently looking and hoping to find something soon. We want to find a house that needs a little fixing up and make it our own. I'm so pumped!
Professional Goal:
I am currently lead planner on two weddings in 2017. My professional goal for 2017 is to develop and grow as a lead planner and successfully plan five to six weddings.

Personal Goal: 
Getting married!! This counts as a personal goal, right? My goal is not just to get married though (although that's the main part of it!), but also to throw an amazing party that also happens to be our wedding. We want to have the best time with the people that we love most all while celebrating our love for each other. And being in the industry I know that accomplishing that is no small feat! It takes lots of time and effort, but we couldn't be more excited!
Professional Goal: 
One of the things I want to focus on for 2017, professionally, is becoming more proactive rather than reactive. To me this means focusing on becoming less busy so that I can think ahead and more broadly. Being less busy is always a challenge, but I'm confident that I have the tools and knowledge of how to best manage my time - so let's do this! 

Personal Goal:
My personal goal this year is to become a minimalist! When we moved into our house in March 2013 we had several empty rooms and closets. Now everything seems full including our walk-in attic space! My goal is to get rid of and/or donate everything we do not use or need room at a time.
Professional Goal:
My professional goal for 2017 is to gain a better understanding of QuickBooks and our accounting process. I've been the C&D office manager for about 6 months and I feel I have a good understanding of how the accounting and invoicing process works, so I'll be able to make these processes my own this year!

Personal Goal:
Our families word for 2017 is "Open." Open in our home, relationships, hearts, new adventures, experiences, etc..  As many planners (wedding planners and general day-to-day planners), I'm not spontaneous. I follow a schedule and most of the time find a lot of fulfillment in planning and knowing what's going to happen. But for 2017, I've felt a tugging to be more open and available. What does having an Open calendar look like? What will the Lord bring into our lives? Well I don't really know but I'm going to find out in 2017! 
Professional Goal:
As a newer member to the C&D team, I've worked at a ton of venues all over the Triangle. This year, I'm really looking forward to topping off that list with a few additional venues across the Triangle. Maybe even some of the new venues! My goal is to work in at least 4 new venues by the end of the year! I'm excited to get to know their staff and pull off some fun and beautiful events there. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Real Wedding: Rachael + Jordan at Rock Quarry Farm

Jordan and Rachael got married on the most beautiful Fall September day. I absolutely loved Rachael's simple, bohemian style and their venue, Rocky Quarry Farm, was the sweetest backdrop for such a special couple.  The girls carried bouquets of fall wildflowers, designed by Pine State Flowers (one of my favorite's!)  Our friend Kayelily Middleton performed the most entertaining wedding ceremony - one that encouraged and challenged me in my own faith and marriage.

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!
Planner: Becca with C&D Events
Rentals: American Party Rentals
Caterer: Cannon Catering
 Ceremony and Reception Music: Mike Dwiggins - DJ
Videographer: f8 in Motion
Dessert: Whole Foods
Hair and Makeup: Mikki Reavis
Officiant: Kayelily Middleton

Monday, January 30, 2017

Real Wedding: Alannah + Gabriel at The Bradford

I am so thrilled to share pictures from Alannah and Gabriel's wedding at The Bradford this past fall. You may remember this post from the Monday after their event. They were my (Dana's) couple from Hurricane Matthew. 

I loved working with Alannah. She was so easy to get along with and was always so kind and appreciative. I knew when we met and I heard her vision for the day - it was going to be gorgeous. She wanted a very Italian/Tuscany feel with lots of food! They had such fun little touches all over. Guests were welcomed into the house (by the bus load!) and ushered into the ballroom for the ceremony. Guests were then welcomed back into the house for the cocktail hour while the ballroom was flipped for the reception. We did have to separate some guests into the house because of the weather, but guests were pretty understanding. The guests enjoyed a photo booth, a food truck (for drunk food!!), and an endless bar of premium drinks. We ended up extending the night an extra hour to account for time lost during dinner and no one left until midnight! It was such a fun evening and some of my favorite wedding stories have stemmed from this night. 

The wedding aside- it was a tough day for everyone. There was a point where everyone had to mourn for the true vision of the event- but all the vendors pulled together to deliver an event that was the best it could have possibly been during a category 3 Hurricane. The Bradford staff did not stop moving all night. We were all drenched from head to toe, and worked endlessly to flip space after space to accommodate all the guests. No one complained, no one grumbled. It was the most epic of a team I could have asked for. On top of all that -I had a bride that kept it together and smiled, laughed, and had a great time. It was an event that I look at and realize that I love what I do! I love that these two trusted to me with so much. I know on the outside people look at a wedding planner and think it is so trivial. But what they don't see is how much relief we provide people. A wedding day is a day that you start your life with another person. It is a day of pure joy and celebration when you stand in front of your friends and family and commit your life to another human being. It is emotional that fact alone. Add in circumstance beyond your control and it gets downright overwhelming. There is nothing that makes me more satisfied than getting the chance to be the calm in someone's literal storm. 

Alannah and Gabe - Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for being calm. Thank you letting me be your "person" on one of your biggest days. Thank you for letting my console you when you needed it. You two will always hold a special place in my heart. I know the future is bright and full of joy for you both! 

Enjoy the pictures from Caroline Lima

Polaroid Guest Book

The mantle looking awesome 

I loved their simple invitation design. It reflected the event so well

One of my favorite verses!

Donna just knocked it out of the park! 

Not a bad hurricane back up plan!

I loved all the touches of wood 

Such a neat idea! 

Sugar Euphoria a hurricane..with this beauty! 

Ballroom has never looked so awesome!

Menu cards and favors

These smelled amazing!

So many details! 

Isn't she just gorgeous?!

About to see his bride

So sweet

One of my favorites! 

Can't even tell there is a hurricane!

These people- so many awesome people

Love this 

I mean - how cute are they?!?


They were like this all night

Drunk food!!


A "We did it!" Tequila shot at the end of the night. This picture just makes me laugh every single time. I may have it printed out on my desk :)

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!
Venue: The Bradford
Planner: Dana with C&D Events
Rentals: CE Rental
Caterer: Donovan's Dish
 Ceremony and Reception Music:All Around Raleigh DJ
Dessert: Sugar Euphoria
Paper Products: Shutterbooth
Food Truck: Bam Pow Chow
Furniture: Greenhouse Picker Sisters 
Hair and Makeup: Wedding Hair by Liz