Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'd Like to Thank.....

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the Academy Elle! Any of you entrepreneurs out there who happen to be mothers know how difficult it is to grow your business AND be a mommy to your babies! There are several times in a week that we have to make a meeting before 5:00pm when the relief arrives home from work...enter Elle! She is Awesome!!

Not only is she interning with us (we hope to have her directing a few weddings for C and D in the near future) but she is great with the kiddos! They love it when she comes over...and talk about it for hours/days after she leaves. This past weekend we hired her for the whole weekend to watch the kids while we worked over at the house getting it ready for the market. We could not have done it without her! She spent like 70% of the children's awake time outside playing with them...keeping them out of the way so we could organize, paint, etc...

Picture of Elle holding Henry

Every Mom/business owner needs an Elle in their life! Someone with a can-do attitude that also happens to love your kids! What about you?? Do you have anyone that helps your business run a pinch hitter or maybe a great sitter? Give them a shout out here!

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  1. aw!! This is the sweetest thing! I love helping you guys, and playing with the babies :)