Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'll be Watching You.....

I know you are all singing that song in your head...and no this post is not about a George Orwell book or my stalker...we can talk about Dana later...It's about how you never know who is watching you at any given moment. So much of our business has grown by meeting vendors or people who have seen us in acation and recommended us to our future clients.

For Example our very first "paying gig" we met a caterer who recommended us to his next client, that client hired us and we directed her day. She had a friend who was getting married the next Fall and that friend called us to direct her day. She was going to use the same caterer, but due to unforseen circumstances he was unable to do the wedding. Instead, she hired Durham Catering...which put us on their radar. After that event, they liked working with us so much they started recommending us to all of their brides who did not have a coordinator. Thus was the beginning of C and D!

During those weddings all we did was our job to the best of our ability....make sure all details were taken care of, of course, but genrally just doing us! In business you always need to be especially careful of what you are projecting at all times because you never know who might be responsible for your next contract!

Something like this.....


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