Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bay 7 Wedding: Matthew and Valerie

We met Valerie, Matthew, and Valerie's parents over coffee at Panera. Immediately, we loved the family! The mom was so happy and energetic. You could tell that she was just thrilled that Valerie and Matthew were getting married. They were very intent on being sure that the wedding was a party. One with fantastic food, good music, and dancing. We were their 4th wedding planner interview so they were pros asking us all the questions that we tell brides to ask their vendors. We were so happy when they contacted us shortly after to say that they had decided to book us. We do have to thank Mitchell's Catering. Valerie asked David who they would hire in the area (not telling him who they had interviewed) and he said us!  

It was our first Jewish wedding so we brushed up on all the ceremonies and traditions. We actually had another booked for the following fall and had learned a lot already. I love traditions. I love that Valerie and Matthew were doing the same thing that their parents did, their grandparents, and their relatives from 100s of years ago. It was so neat being a part of their family for a short while and being able to experience all the great traditions the Jewish faith has to offer. 

No more rambling..here are some pictures from their fabulous wedding!  

Gorgeous flowers! I LOVE peonies!

The Chuppa - Watered Garden did a fantastic job

It was a party!

Beautiful cake from Mitchell's

Appetizers - they used the entire top floor for cocktail hour and it was a meal in an of itself! It was sooo good!!

Place settings

Beautiful pic!

Under the Chuppa

Cocktail hour set-up. Mitchell's sure knows how to dress a table!

Asian station

Place setting

Escort card table

What a beautiful view!

Yummy bread

They are just so cute!

Their 1st dance - it was choreographed and AWESOME!

Love these two!

It was such a great wedding and went off perfectly. With Mitchell's, you can't go wrong! The food was to- die-for and the guests could not stop raving about the food,  flowers, the band, and how much fun everyone was having. Thanks Valerie and Matt for letting us be a part of your big day, we had a great time! 

Florist: Watered Garden
Catering: Mitchell's

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Inspirations - Strictly Ballroom!

Did you ever see that movie?? Quite strange...but on some level I could relate to their particular obsessive type of crazy....Like when you get fixated on something and it drives everything you think, do, say. I remember (this has nothing to do with ballrooms) after I had my first baby all I could do was talk about him...like how much he ate, what new skill he acquired, how often he pooped that week...etc...I couldn't help it! It was like my mouth was moving without my permission...these words were coming out of me and even I was getting annoyed at the monotony of the conversation...I just couldn't stop!

Back to the reason for this post.....I wanted to regale you with some of our thoughts on how the two ballrooms look in our mind. In the Master Plan (bwah ha ha) the house makes a U shape and the two ballrooms face eachother with a terrace in between.

I don't know about the fountain but I love the market lights strung between two buildings

Love the rustic character and the shape seems right

Pinned Image
Love this picture...this just feels right to me!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY: Flower Garland

This week's DIY is from our shower we posted about earlier this week.I found the idea a few years ago in a Better Homes and Garden magazine article. I fell in love with the idea instantly! I REALLY wanted to make garland for the top of my dining room china cabinet to match my new table runner and recovered chairs. Well, I got a little burnt out on the dining room project (which included a hand beaded bird - Courtney says this is when she knew I had officially lost my mind) and never got around to it. 

Seriously you are looking at 24 hours of my life here...

The shower gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out. I didn't need a lot of garland, just for the fireplace, so I figured this would be an easy project that would add a lot to the decor. I dug up the old magazine and got to work!

 This is a copy of the article on BHG.com: 

How to Make a Flower Garland
1. Cut six 2-inch and six 1-1/2-inch felt circles. Layer a small and large, with one edge touching.
2. Pinch a set of circles together at the bottom; run a threaded needle through the four layers.
3. Repeat for remaining five petals; knot ends. String finished flowers through centers with a needle and thread to form garland.

I pretty much did the same thing except I used 5 petals, not six. I also used felt for the large circle and regular quilting fabric for the smaller circle. It was fairly easy to do. The longest part was cutting out the circles. That took some time, patience, and remembering kindergarten skills of cutting on the lines. I figured out how many flowers I would want and calculated how many circles I would need and then I plopped myself on the couch in front of a Netflix and got to work. I got all the flowers done in a few hours and was super happy with how it turned out! 
One flower

The Finished Product! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Have to Look the Part

This title is a bit self-explanatory; in this business you have to look the part. This means that your
outfits have to be not only cute/stylish but on game day it has to be comfortable too! We almost always get it right on the day...in fact C and D buys each of us a new dress before wedding season each year (more on that later). This post is more about the initial meetings. Just to take a minute to state the obvious (at some point it was not so obvious to us...as you will see later in this post), when you are meeting a bride for the first time you are not only selling your services, experience, and expertise but you are selling you...the whole package. How could anyone believe that you are going to plan, decorate, and execute the most important day of their life with perfect finesse when you can't even make it to a meeting in a pulled together outfit that doesn't have toddler lunch or baby spit up all over it!

The importance of this hit me when we met with a potential bride at a coffee shop near downtown Raleigh. Dana and I did not go together to this meeting, we met each other just seconds before we met the bride. I was wearing some soccer mom (No offense to soccer moms...I love the get up too) khaki skirt with a too old, somewhat stained polo (let's be honest...I was with my 2 year old all day) and a pair of worn out flip-flops. Dana was dressed slightly better (ever so) in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and a cardigan but with a hair-do that looked like she just rolled out of bed and a face that was screaming make-up please! Don't get me wrong Dana is beautiful..with or without make-up....she just looks a little more pulled together in the "with" category. The reason that what we were wearing was so memorable to me that day had little to do with what we looked like (I am used to that!) but more what our potential client was wearing.She walked in in 4 inch patent leather pumps, patterned black tights, with one of those super cute dresses that look like a high-waisted skirt and a shirt. (I think I saw one at Nordstroms like this once) Her hair and make-up was perfect...like nothing was out of place. When we sat down and started talking I was all of the sudden painfully aware of what we looked like!

Imagine this with cool tights and really high heels!

 The meeting went well and we parted ways....I called Dana up on the phone on the way home.....The convo went something like this:

Me: Hey
Dana: Ya
Me: How did you think that went?
Dana: Good, I think
Me: Did you see what she was wearing?
Dana: Ya...
Me: We need to step up our game...I mean we look like we just got off the soccer field and she......
Dana: I know what you mean, I was really hurried today....

After this conversation we had a C and D meeting discussing the image that we want to present to our clients. We actually brainstormed what we had and how we could mix it up to be more creative and current. We bought a few things to add into the mix....I must say since this "business" meeting we have been looking pretty stylish.....In case you were wondering we did get the job!

Love the yellow and grey! Comfy but stylish!
Pinned Image
Dana has been rockin' the riding boots!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A small pre-application meeting (Hoop number 2)

So once we had gotten through the first hurdle, the next step was to set up a meeting with the county to discuss what needed to be done as far as zoning/permits for us to continue to pursue our dream of owning a venue. We thought that we would be meeting with one or two people from the county along with our realestate agent; nothing could be further from the truth. When all was said and done and the meeting was about to begin, there were like 13 people representing each county department sitting down to have this meeting with us. We had no idea this thing was taken so seriously! There was a couple of environmental people, planning department, code enforcement, erosion control, department of tourism, the economic development group, and let's not forget the fire mashall!
We felt like the question mark!

 Everyone took turns introducing themselves and explaining their would-be involvement in the process. We introduced ourselves and began to describe our vision. It is really difficult to explain the mental image in your head in a way that is easily understood by all. It doesn't help that the vision has been developed by Dana and I who communicate in a series of clicks, grunts, and an occasional look (you know the look if you have a sister).

Dana is the one with the nose ring!

 Everyone gave their opinion at various times and gave their suggestions to best simplify the process. Overall it was a very informative meeting and we left there with a longer to-do list than before and some pretty steep deadlines. Let me list a few of the hi-lights in the event that you too, one day, may want to pursue the dream of building a wedding venue.

1. You need a separate septic system to have a reception venue (This is in addition to the 7 bedroom permit we already aquired)
No Worries!

2. You have to be re-zoned and granted a conditional use permit for that zoning. (This process will be described in detail in a future post)
We have mad skills!

3. You don't want a Catering Kitchen in your main building (The fire marshall and environmental people brought up several deterents to having a Catering Kitchen in the main house...we will just be labeling that a prep kitchen for now)

More hoops....that's what we heard! No worries though, we are in pretty good hoop jumping shape after our last hurdle...Dana may be dragging a bit, but I think that is due to the baby she is growing, not the tasks themselves. We will heave her over....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grey and Yellow Baby Shower

This past weekend we did a baby shower for a sweet couple that is expecting their first baby in March. They are going the traditional route and not finding out the sex until he/she makes their grand entrance. We decided on a grey and yellow bird theme. Here are the invites we sent out.

We had such a good time planning this shower and thinking of decoration ideas. We used a lot of fabric for our decorations and made little stuffed birds for the topiaries and garland for the mantle. We also made fabric flowers for the chalkboards. Here are some decoration pictures...

For the favors we filled mini jars with lemon drops and hershey kisses. The topiaries were made with sticks as a base and a dried hydrangea on top. You could use a real hydrangea, but you need to make sure that it stays hydrated. Hydrangeas are notorious for wilting if not kept in water. The stuffed bird on top will be a future DIY post, so stay tuned! The garland was also handmade and was super easy! I thought it turned out super cute! We used lots of lemons as decorations and now I have enough lemons to make lemonade for a year!

We based her menu on her cravings. I love this idea because it gets people talking and the mom to be is of course thrilled to have all of her favorite foods. 

Her Menu: Mexican food (chicken and beef tacos with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and chips), Panera Black Bean Soup, Veggies (mini shot glasses with ranch on the bottom and a cute ribbon tied around the top), Fruit (Fruit skewers displayed in a vase), Pumpkin bread, assorted cookies, Cupcakes (pumpkin dream and mint grasshopper from Gigi's). We also put around assorted mint candies (mint was a major craving of the mom to be). For drinks we offered beer, wine, peppermint hot chocolate, and mint juleps (alcohol free). The mom was so excited about all the yummy foods! We labeled everything with the mini chalkboards. 

We wanted to think outside the box for a "guest book" of sorts. We had the idea to have the guests put down a piece of advice/well wish on a chalkboard and we took a picture of them holding it. We also had them guess whether they thought it was a boy or girl. We are going to compile all the pictures from the shower and put together a shutterfly book for them as a memento of the night. 

We also had a little entertainment with the parents to be and played the "new parents" game. We asked them various questions about babies/newborns and had them write their answers on chalkboards. We all had a good laugh at some of the answers they had! We also had them taste test baby food and tell us what they thought it was. They were none to happy about the turkey and gravy tasting. 

Overall it was a great shower and the parents were so thrilled and happy to have their close friends celebrate the new adventure they are about to embark on. We wish them nothing but the best and can't wait to see pictures of the little one! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Venue Inspiration!

Happy week to all! This Monday I thought I would share some our visions for the exterior of the venue. It is a French Coutry style finished with white painted brick. If you look at this previous post you get a better idea of how these pictures fit into the Grand Scheme! Enjoy!

Pinned Image
If you reached into our minds and pulled out our "mental image" of the venue it would not be much different than this!
Love the outdoor chandelier!.
Three French Doors on each garage will lead to the terrace

This is close to our vision of the area right off the terrace but before the tree line

A Natural Fence for the property

Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY: How to Have a Baby

Soooo...Exciting times over here in C and D Events Land...Dana (The D in C and D) had Henry last Tuesday at 2:50 in the afternoon! This brings our kid total (collectively) to four. This baby was a long time commin' as Dana has been in some sort of labor for almost 2 weeks! I asked her if she needed a tutorial on how to have a baby....and that is how the idea for this post was born.....figuratively and literally!

Step 1: Dupe your parents into traveling 600 miles

I know this needs explanation! Well, the Dr. told Dana, not the Friday before she had Henry but the Friday before that, that he was pretty sure this was going to be a weekend baby. Mom did not want to miss the show so she and Dad drove up from Florida that evening for the birth.

Step 2: Do lots of walking with your toddler!

Dana read that walking sideays helped push labor along - Ada is Demonstrating!

Step 3: Clean the house....AGAIN

Step 4: Shave the Dog


Step 5: Take the walk of shame!

What is the walk of shame you ask...Well, it is when you think you are going into labor, drive to the doctor's office, and then get sent back home because you are not in real labor.

 Step 6: Take a trip to the park

Step 7: Go into labor (the real thing....)

The Very Beginning....

Step 8: Make a goofy face

Sam is clearly NOT the one in labor right now!
Step 9: Rock that labor like a STAR
That's right people....no epidural...Dana rocked that labor au naturel!!

Step 10: Meet the new man in your life!

Love at first site!

8 lbs 7 oz  and 22 inches