Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ugh -so here we are on the climb. And No - I am not inspired by the Miley Cyrus song "the climb."

Really? You are what, 5? How can you be talking about the "climb?" You have barely walked
Anytime we excitedly tell our plan, everyone is genuinely excited. And they always says something to the effect of "what an exciting journey!!" I smile and nod and say, yes - we are very excited. Truth be told I am just impatient! I don't want to savor the memories of trying to get financing, or sitting in a SCORE meeting telling me that my sister is going to take me for all that I don't have if we don't sign a partnership agreement. I also don't want to relish in the memories of people telling me that we should do it this way, or that way, or this idea is a bad one, or my favorite comment - "Have you thought of..." More than likely the answer is no - I have NOT thought of the probably-never-gonna-happen case that some bride is going to want roaming peacocks and how I am going to contain them in the terrace. 

I want to be there - I want to be on the OTHER SIDE! Hah Miley- take that! I want to move mountains, I want to fight the battles, and I want to get there fast. I don't want to "enjoy" the climb. I am tired of waiting! I am tired of the unknown because that is really what it is. When we started this project we had a plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. I swear we are on Plan X. There are so many different ways of going about this project and so many different avenues and the truth is we don't know the best one. Every time we come up with a new one, we think it is the best option - then a week later one of our ever roaming minds thinks of another one. It is exhausting and I think our husbands are going to have a coronary before this year is out. 

All I can hear in the back of my mind is mother saying "baby steps, Dana, you will get there eventually.." 

There are sooo many steps that I just want to take one giant leap and land on our venue. I want to be out of our house (much like band-aid I just want to quickly get it sold and moved out before I can think about how much I don't really want to leave this home I love), I want to be in our cottage, and I want the venue to be open. I want to HIRE employees and start seeing some tangible fruits of our labor. 

The thing is  - we have to climb. One agonizing step at a time. We don't have the power (really the money) to just wave a wand and be at the next stage. It is slow, it is painfully slow, but it is moving. And I just want to sit and pout in the corner for not getting my way.

Much like my 2 year old
Then I have a great business partner (who will not take me for all that I don't have) bring me down from the clouds and encourage me that yes, it is the climb that sucks, but it is also how we got the business we are currently in and could we imagine not going through everything we went through? We would not be nearly as successful, knowledgeable, or good at what we do. Did she cross over to the Miley side?? As much as I hate to admit it - she is right - but I am still going to not savor the climb. I will only just tolerate it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Milk Glass Cernterpiece Ideas

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day weekend with their friends and family! We had two weddings this weekend it was nice having Monday to recuperate. While we were at our wedding Sunday, Dana and I were talking about possible centerpiece ideas and milk glass came up in conversation. I love the look of a collected you have been accumulating pieces over time...and just setting out what you have. We have a grandma that loves to thrift/auction and I think this may be a fun project for her. She may actually have some of this already....We can just raid her attic..So without further ado, here are some ideas I found on google....enjoy!
Girls with Milk Glass Centerpieces...... :  wedding centerpiece milk glass august 2010 Large Image
Not sure on the flower...but this looks so fresh and modern!
Girls with Milk Glass Centerpieces...... :  wedding centerpiece milk glass august 2010 Mix+and+match
Would love this on a round table!
I don't think it gets prettier than this!

I love the incorporation of fruit here
milk glass Versatility of Milk Glass
Lots of ideas!

Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY Leather bracelet

We are literally slammed here this week at C and D. We have two weddings in which we are doing florals for both has left us harried busy. I had a really great post lined up to do a spotlight on a really awesome DIYer - but alas it did not happen. So I ganked a post from Crap I've Made because I am totally obsessed with leather cuffs/bracelets. Sam got me a leather bracelet for Mother's Day and it is my staple for all my outfits right now.
Love it! 
 I found this tutorial and I am going to actually try this sometime in July...I think..well at one point in my life I will attempt this project! So here is a great tutorial on how to make a leather cuff bracelet! 
The finished cute!! 

You’ll need:
A leather cuff (mine came from the leather store, but you can get them at Hobby Lobby as well)
Leather dye (again, mine came from the leather store, but Hobby Lobby carries it)
Some sort of embellishment.  I like these stretchy rings because they’re easy to attach.  Mine came from Claire’s clearance and Rue 21.
Leather “string” to attach the embellishment (mine came from Hobby Lobby)
For the black cuffs, I used leather dye.  You swab it on and then buff it shiny once it dries.
For this one, I brushed the leather with olive oil:
And for this one, I used wood stain:
Once you’ve got your leather the color you want it, decide where you’re going to place your embellishment.  The stretching rings have 4 holes, so I just transferred those over to the cuff.  I (it was totally Macy) made the holes using a hammer and a nail.
There’s probably an actual leather tool for this, but I used what I had on hand.
Tie on your embellishment with the leather string, and you’re good to go!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mitchell's Catering

Happy Thursday! I had something else planned for today but a headache has gotten in the way! So this is a repost about one of our favorite caterers, Mitchell's Catering! We went to a tasting last night and had a blast! The food, wine, and company were so much fun....It didn't even seem like work! Enjoy!

Catering can make or break a wedding. We have been to weddings were the food was terrible and ones where the food was fantastic. When the food is bad, that is all the guests can seem to remember. They don't remember the small details on the tables, the colors, or even the set-up. They just remember that they wished they had stopped at a McDonald's before going to the wedding. 

Caterers are also responsible for setting the feel of the wedding. Think about it, you go to a real nice wedding and dinner is served in aluminum chaffing dishes. Not so nice. We have had our fair share of caterers that we have been disappointed in, and we have had our fair share that have just been awesome. One such caterer is Mitchell's Catering. They are so professional and honest. They really get that everyone has a budget and is trying to make it work. Their presentation is amazing! Everything looks gourmet. Even the french fries they serve look like they came from a high class restaurant. On top of that...their food is to die for. It is seriously the best food I have ever tasted. They have a monthly tasting, and it is so worth going! From the moment you walk in, you know that this company is the one for you. They are so great to work with and have been in business for a very long time. If you are looking for a caterer - check out Mitchell's, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kids Room - my idea is so much better!

Well, not really. I love Courtney's idea for the kids' room. I honestly feel a bit burnt out on the idea. If you remember this post about tips to sell your house - I gave a little snapshot of my kid's existing rooms. They are pretty detailed and kid specific. My husband looked at me like I was crazy last month as I started thinking of a theme for their room. He responded with a grunt and asking if we could just paint it gray and call it a day. I of course was shocked/offended/flabbergasted at his response! Only paint! Who heard of such a thing?!? My problem is I can't quite reconcile all the ideas in my head. I want to go with an alphabet theme. Ada loves to read and is obsessed with letters. Hopefully Henry will be the same way. I did get one rule from the husband - he is NOT buying a new duvet for Ada - it is too new and was too expensive to just not use. is pink birds in a tree! Here is what I have thought of thus far..

I love this! It is from Etsy and only about 120 unfinished!  

kids room
This is how I want the built in to look - but with a more square  drawer so I can make them look like...

 I want the fronts to look like these blocks. I am undecided whether I want them to be the pictures, the number or the letter...

kid room kid-ideas
Love this idea..

kid room
I also want to add a chalkboard wall - we have one now and Ada loves it! 

kid room
I really love this picture. I am thinking of showcasing some of the letters - like E is for Elephant - but in stead of the word, there is a picture. I am going to A is for Ada and H is for Henry above their beds. 
Tree Bookshelf #tree #bookshelf
Really like this idea!! I am thinking of doing a reading corner where we read for bedtime and naptime. 
Those are my thoughts - not quite completely cohesive..Anyone have any great kid ideas??

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Duke Gardens Wedding: Michelle and Nasir

This was a last minute gig for us here at C and D. Michelle called one day (about 4 weeks out from her date) needing a planner. We luckily had the day available and met her over some coffee at Panera Bread. We knew it was going to be a fun wedding when she told us that the groom's family rented a tour bus to take his whole family from Chicago to Durham! How awesome is that?!? The bride was Korean and the groom Pakistani. Needless to say it was seriously the most fun watching these people truly celebrate a great couple. They knew how to dance, party, and celebrate! It was the longest sparkler line I have ever seen with about 90% of the guests present. It was even a late wedding! I really think other cultures know how to celebrate much better than us Americans. They had basically another reception the night before for their rehearsal dinner and I heard some really great stories from the bridal party about the wild night. I hope our venue turns weddings into weekend affairs much like this wedding. With out further ado..some pictures..

Getting ready to meet his bride

First look! 

Bridal Party watching
I do! I do!

They are married!

So cute! 

All lit up


Dancing her heart out!

This is how to party people! 

Great Vendors we worked with:

Catering: Durham Catering Company (flawless!)

Cupcakes: Daisy Cakes

Bouquets/Centerpieces: Tres Bella

Photographer: Riley MacLean (Awesome!!)

DJ: All the right grooves (so good!!)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspirational Quote

Busy week! Just a little "inspiration" for your day! enjoy!

"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland

Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY Floral Centerpiece

Happy DIY Friday! We will be enjoying our last weekend before wedding palooza! Starting next weekend we have 4 weddings in 8 days! Yikes! However, today, we are posting that much anticipated, I am sure, floral DIY post mentioned here! It was a fun project, a bit intimidating at the onset but great once we got started! So here we go....

One tall pedestal style vase
4 hydrangeas (we sprayed our purple, but any color scheme will do)
5 stems of Alstromeria
5 Carnations (roses would be pretty too!)
3 stems of Baby's Breath
3 Stems of Stock
A very large SUV to transport these babies!

Add the water to the vase (you will not be able to after you arrange!)

Start with the Hydrangeas (These create the "base" of the arrangement)

All hydrangeas added - check!

Then add 3 stems of the Alstromeria

Keep the stems long!

Alstromeria added - check!

Lots to arrange!

Getting the Carnations and Baby's Breath ready

Fill in the empty areas between the Hydrangeas and Alstromeria with Baby's Breath

No more empty spots!

Then I added in 3 stems of stock - This was so beautiful!

I left one stem a bit higher than the others to make the top of the arrangement

In between the Baby's Breath and the Hydrangea I added the Carnations.

Adding the remaining Alstromeria to finish of the centerpiece

The last two Alstromeria and the Stock make a stair step of sorts on the top of the centerpiece

All finished! Notice how the Alstromeria is the highest point and gives it a more asymmetrical look.

The Aftermath!

In the same color scheme we made a bouquet for the bride!

A Bridesmaid's Bouquet

All finished! (Notice how dark it is!)

These lovelies are not easy to transport! We basically emptied out Dana's Linen closet to get enough "cushion" in between each of the arrangements! Make sure you allow for ample time to package and transport these things!