Thursday, June 28, 2012


This post should be called "Thank God for the intern or all the tasks we really would like/need to do would never get done" but it is too long for the title box! One of those tasks is the inventory! Over the years we have amassed a ton of odds and ends and we end up just stuffing them into totes or boxes. What types of items you ask....Well...we have chalkboards, topiary stands, straw holders, ribbon, card holders, crystal table confetti, and a lot of other miscellaneous objects...Oh ya, and enough glassware for like 10 weddings! We decided this Summer we are going to utilize our intern to get organized and to "hopefully" stop re-buying things we may already have! She has counted and entered everything into a spreadsheet and is even labeling each of the boxes with its contents! So excited!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Planning or Consultation Look

Sooo...while we are waiting for the house to sell or plans to be finished on the venue, we thought that we would use our Wednesday spot to showcase a little series called "What does a planner look like?" I can only speak to what THIS planner looks like, and maybe Dana...I have some influence there...but it should really be called "what THIS planner WANTS to look like" Because by no means do I have all of these outfits we are showcasing....I do WANT them though.....

Planning Day or Consultation Look
Planning or Consultation Look

I chose 2 different shoe options for the for a day of planning and the other for a consultation. We typically walk a lot during planing days and on consults we do a lot of can decide which shoes are which!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pink and Grey Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of throwing a shower for a good friend of mine. I met her in my MOPS group last year and we became fast friends! I worked with Korinne (who was also a good friend of hers) at Swank Sweets (check her out!) and another good friend of the momma. We did a make your own onesie theme complete with a dessert table and yummy drink station. I had such a great time catching up with some great mommas and celebrating Lauren and her sweet baby girl Kamdyn. Enjoy..

Sparkling pink lemonade with blueberries and strawberries. We used paper straws and mason jars for the drinks

Make your own frappuccino bar. We pre-made the milk/coffee mixture and guests added caramel, chocolate, or flavored creamer then closed the mason jar, shook it up, and topped with whipped cream - yummy! 

GORGEOUS!! Korinne did a fantastic job!

Tutus for Ms. Kamdyn and one of the onesies that the host made

More homemade cute!
We had such a great time celebrating and I loved helping plan it! Lauren had Kamdyn this past weekend and they are all doing great and fantastic! She is beautiful and so, so, sweet! Congrats Lauren!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally..a bathing suit!

Let me start off by saying that I hate every single swimsuit model but secretly wish that I had their bodies. It is not even about being skinny or thin - but I want an unblemished, free of stretch mark belly.

One: This is not me and Two: I love this saying, it is very true - every mark was worth it - but I still don't have to like them!

I have always worn 2 pieces and never wore a one piece (unless I was swimming in a meet). I liked one pieces, but being tall, I always looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame trying to get a one piece to fit me. So after Ms. Ada graced us and I had a few marks to show, I bought my first tankini. It was fine, I felt good in it, but good gracious it is hot! On the beach it feels like you are wearing a shirt! This summer, I went on the search for a two piece that was modest (I mean I am not 18 and I don't need to be baring it all to the world) but cute, and maybe even sexy for the hubs. I scoured the internet and came back to the first place I went..J.Crew.

I convinced the hubs that, yes, this is WORTH the $100. Suck it up....pretty please?!?! (I will admit that I made some promises for that night with a little batting of the eyelashes) And he said Yes, okay, you deserve it. So I got my first "mom," but oh so cute two piece! 
This is the one I got! 
I was a little nervous about it- I mean these models are tiny and anything is going to look good on them. will bigger bottoms just make my butt look that much bigger?? I was pleasantly surprised! The ruching was in all the right places and it made me actually look a lot skinnier! The hubs was happy and therefore, so was I! Here are a few others that inspired me..

Love this!

Another J.Crew one and I was stuck between this and the one I got.  This one is on backorder until August!!

Kinda like the one I got..
Can't wait to strut my stuff on our anniversary this weekend!! Any one have any great bathing suit finds this summer?

Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY: Rustic Lantern Centerpiece

Happy Friday! We have a quick DIY for you today that we did last weekend at our Bay 7 wedding. If you are going for that rustic, whimsical, and slightly secret garden(ish) look then these are for you!

Items you will need:
1 log sliced about 2 - 3 inches thick
Reindeer Moss
A bud vase with a mini arrangement
A lantern
LED votive

We started with the "Log Slice"

And first added the Lantern. We went ahead and turned on the candle (they were good for 100 hrs) and closed up the would be difficult to do after because you arrange the moss around it.

Added the bud vase to the front of the log and started placing reindeer moss in the bare spots

We then filled in with reindeer moss where too much wood was showing

Finished product!
This was super cute and relatively quick to assemble! Total cost I would estimate to be about 20 dollars a centerpiece for the DIY bride...relatively low cost for such a cute look!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


As our first wave of weddings has passed, I started thinking about how much smoother this season was than last. Yes, I do think we get better and better every year, but this year we had/have 2 great interns! 1 is interning for a class and the other we are training to one day start doing our day of services. We would love to hire these girls. They are smart, hard working, and can take direction (and sometimes my grumbling) rather well. But, this is all we have..

This is exactly what we can offer! 
The tragedy of owning a small business. We NEED someone else. I can not get the tedious business stuff done that needs to happen on a daily and weekly basis like balancing our accounts, filing, cleaning glassware, chalkboards, and other items we used the weekend before, and scheduling meetings with vendors and clients. I get the work done that is pressing (mostly dealing with my brides, they are my number 1 priority), but everything else seems to fall to the wayside. Then, when I NEED to balance the accounts, it is just frustrating because I am looking at something from months ago and for the life of me can not remember what this or that was for. It takes lots of digging for receipts and calling Courtney on an hourly basis to figure it all out.

We have been spoiled. This summer our intern has done an immense amount of work getting our glassware organized, cleaned, inventoried, and is even updating our advertising sites! She is working on a focus group to present some venue ideas to and has worked hard at all the weddings this summer. I wish we could hire her at the end of this because  another hand would be glorious! However, we can not afford it. We are doing well, don't get me wrong. But we are hoarding all excess cash (meaning we don't even take a paycheck!!) to funnel to the venue. We just are not in a position to hire. That being said, I hope that in exactly 1.5 years we will be singing a different tune! 

Thanks to the ladies who have worked so hard this summer - We will miss you in the fall! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Update!

So apparently the blog slipped through the cracks yesterday...I don't know how it happened, but our apologies! As far as a venue update goes...there is not much to update...we are stuck on the house selling portion of our house that is! I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it is to sell your house when you have two toddlers living in it!! It is impossible to keep clean and the hubby and I seem to often be at odds over what the other needs to do! Help! We definitely need some tips..if you have any feel free to leave a comment...In the mean time anyone want to buy a house!!

Home sweet home!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Update! It's Curtains to ...........Curtains!

Welcome to Monday...I know I need another day of weekend! Hope all you Dad's out there had a great day yesterday and felt celebrated and appreciated! This post is an update to Friday's post about the curtains...I know I never showed you a finished product so you can't really appreciate the magnitude of the curtains we were sewing! We will rectify that situation today!
How we spend a Friday night!
We had to roll up the wide pieces so they would fit on the sewing machine!
Thank God the intern isn't afraid of heights! Please marvel here at the vastness of this curtain!
A little scale for ya and a great set up shot! So pretty!
Not related to the curtain but this area was affectionately called the "Grotto" by our bride
Dancing the night away!

Sew much fun (haha)! Seriously though, we had a great time...the bride and groom were great to work with and we were so happy that they were happy with all the plants/curtains/etc!! Now we are trying to see how we can tag along on their honeymoon (a safari trip to Africa!) luck thus far...but they don't leave until Thursday....

Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Friday - Curtains!

Happy Friday! Hope you have big weekend plans! We have a wedding at Bay 7 in Durham this coming Saturday that we are directing and designing! One of the design elements we have incorporated are curtains...both as the ceremony backdrop and as a space divider. Well we were given the fabric and commissioned to sew the curtains! While I don't have a finished product picture (Will snap one this weekend for you) I do have a few progress pictures....taken by me and from Mason's perspective!

The Tools for measuring! What you can't see it the 30 foot of floor space used to spread these out!
I Enlisted the help from the hubby to measure out 18 foot sections
Gathering up our cut fabric!
Mason's Perspective of "Mommy Sewing"

An Artsy shot by Mason!
Finished product and a few design/set-up shots will be revealed on Monday! Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mothers and Business!

I came across this article the other day and thought it seemed relevant to not on C and D...but probably to lots of other entrepreneurs out there! Enjoy!

1. “You can do anything.” Not many mothers probably told their children a generation ago that they should grow up to be an entrepreneur. The typical “reach” goal was a doctor or maybe even president. These days, more mothers would probably tell their children to grow up to be Steve Jobs than to be President Obama. However, your mother’s insistence that you could accomplish anything and were “destined for success” was the essential ingredient in building your confidence to start a company. There simply is no other way to explain setting a goal that is so difficult to achieve as starting a company.

I Couldn't agree more! We definitely grew up thinking that the sky was the limit as far as our future went! Thanks Mom...and Dad!

2. “Failure not an option.” Although there is failure in every entrepreneur’s future (many times more than once), the non-quitting spirit your mother repeatedly taught formed the basis for not giving up when your business hits a pothole. You can thank your mother for helping you form the key entrepreneur gene: resiliency.

I think this goes back to all those softball practice sessions in the back yard with the padre! He seemed to think that failure was not an option...however...when game time came around; we proved over and over that it actually was a realistic option!
We looked something like far away from the ball as possible!

3. “Patience is a virtue.” The lesson of patience is an essential characteristic that small business owners need to learn. Most "overnight successes" took 7 to 10 years. The rapid rise to financial fortune is only a fairy tale that is primarily realized only after the exit event. By their very nature, entrepreneurs are not a patient group, but they need to take a longer-term view in order to be successful. Most entrepreneurs are not successful on their first try (or second).

Dana, this is for you!

4. “Don’t be late.” Punctuality and getting tasks done on time are critical skills for small business owners, because what you do, your employees will also do. In other words, if you are never on time or don’t complete tasks in a timely manner, your staff won’t either.

Courtney, this is for you! (Me)

5. “Stop complaining.” Your mother taught you to stop “bellyaching.” In business, while you can’t control the outcome, you can control your response. Learn what you can from the current result, but then move on by taking an action that gives another chance of success.

We all need this one!
Lord knows I would be broke!

Although my mother taught me well, she did give me two pieces of advice that ended up not being true in the world of business:
1. "Good things come to those who wait." Most small business owners get tired of just waiting. They go out there and make things happen. To be successful, value proactivity over reactivity.

So true.....

2. "Do what you love and the money will follow." Mothers got this one mixed up as well. It should be, "do what you love and it does not matter if the money follows." To be successful in building a company, an entrepreneur needs to be driven by passion, not financial reward. While making money is a way we keep score (and is important), most small business owners find a way to be “happily” successful.

We have definitely encountered this! It takes a lot of hard work and drive to make a company successful...and sometimes that success is not measured in dollar signs!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let There be Light(s)!

So this past weekend we did a wedding at the Prestonwood Country Club in was Gorgeous and so much fun! We actually "attended" the reception and had a blast! (We were only contracted for the ceremony) Will looking around we noticed lots of different, and elaborate, light fixtures and it got me thinking about light fixtures for the ballroom at the venue! Here were some thoughts!

I like this modern take on a classic Chandelier...the black gives it more of an edge.

Love something like this....Not too modern but definitely romantic!
So pretty and whimsical!
I really like the understated elegance of this one

I feel like there are sooooo many options and it seems like a big decision! We want it to "go" with as many design schemes as it can't swing to widely one way of the other!What are your thoughts on this pressing issue?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ruby and Greg

This past April we had the honor of directing Ruby and Greg's wedding at the Barclay Villa in Angier. They were such a fun couple! Ruby was so full of life and you could tell that Greg kept her grounded! They already had two adorable little girls together and this wedding culminated a nine year relationship journey and marked the beginning of a new life together!

She was Mexican and he was from the good ole' US! It was quite the party! These people would have danced all night if Ross (Just Music Dj) would have kept the music coming! It was such a fun night...I think we have plans to invite them to our venue as party starters in the future. Enjoy the great pictures for their wedding!

Nice Detail Shot!

The Happy Couple!

"I do" oh...and "you do too!"

Floating Orchids!

Love this shot!

The Villa!

Flowers by yours truly!

End of the night!

Photography: Ken Hall
Catering: Unforgettable Food Affairs
Coordination and Bouquets: C and D Events
Venue: Barclay Villa
Cake: The Cakery

Monday, June 11, 2012

Let this inspire you!

We typically post a picture that inspires us for weddings and our venue. This week, however, I have another sort of inspiration..

Courtney and Mikhail
Why are they so inspiring you ask?? Well on Friday they celebrated their 10 year anniversary!! In a world where people just give up when times get tough - it is so great to see a couple that is still committed no matter what life has dealt them. As their sister, I am more than proud and inspired by the two of them.

So typical..
Congratulations to Courtney and Mikhail! I cant't wait for the next 10 years and what it has in store for your family. I do know that it will be soo much better than the last 10 years because I will be your neighbor. Yes, I know, get your excited face on. Happy Anniversary and thanks for inspiring us all!!