Tuesday, July 31, 2012

October wedding inspiration

We are heading over to a bride's shed today. Yes - a shed! Her Mother in law has been stock piling all things wedding since they got engaged. We are planning on going through it all and getting a game plan together for decor. This is a really big wedding for us! It has lots of pieces and design elements - I am in heaven! It is going to be so much fun! Here are some pics from her Pinterest that are inspiring us..

Fall wedding boutonniere
Wheat Bouts - LOVE THIS!!

see what I mean? :)
Favors! Such a cute idea!

For Western Chic event
This will be a detail for all the bridal party!

pretty ceremony decor w/ barrels
Ceremony inspiration

creative tables
Sweets table. It will be complete with homemade cookies and bottles of milk in vintage milk bottles! So cute!

Vintage milk glass & bottle wedding centerpieces
Our centerpiece inspiration

blue mason jars
She has tons of blue mason jars - they are going to be our unifying piece between the tables. 
I am so stoked for this wedding! There are lots of pieces and it is slightly overwhelming - but it just needs a good game plan and some organizational bins (you know how I love those!) and we will be good to go - after all, it is only 2 months away!! EEK!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sometimes, you just have to laugh

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry about the lack of posting on Friday - it is totally my fault, it was on my to-do list before vacation and it just did not happen! After packing all night Wednesday, I just plum forgot about it. I have the memory of Dori from Finding Nemo. It is ridiculous.

Every year I go on a girl's weekend with my college buds to the beach. This year we invited our mommas and had all the kids with us. Traveling with 2 kiddos is no joke. Between the pack n play, beach toys, bumbo, and all the accessories that go with a 6 month old and 2.5 year old, we were packed to the gills!
This is what my car looked like!

We are back (got back in yesterday), the house is in disarray and I have not even unpacked the car! When I need something, I go out and get that particular bag, and leave the rest in there. I know, I know, I am soo lazy - but really I am just pooped! We are taking a family vacation in 2 weeks and I am contemplating just keeping it all packed - shhh don't tell!

Anywho - I stumbled upon this the other day:

I chuckled but didn't think anything of it until Saturday. We decided to go shopping since it was so ungodly hot and we had been exposed to the brutal sun enough in the past 2 days. I brought Ada and left Henry with my mom and Nikki brought Livi. We all climbed into the rockin' mini-van and headed on our way. Lindsey entertained Ada with lots of dancing and singing and then Ada passed out in her car seat. Slightly unusual. She is pretty much potty trained except when she is sleeping. I did not realize she was asleep, until we were almost there. When we got there, I realized she had peed - luckily I had brought a change of clothes. No worries. We shop for a little, go into J.Crew and start trying on some clothes. Livi has a blowout of the century. All wipes were used, and outfit change was needed and we had to enlist the help of the staff for a trash bag it was that bad. We go to lunch and Ada tells me she has to pee - I go to unclip her from the stroller and she peed - right there. She has not had an accident in about a month! And two in one day!! I had no more clothes, we had just ordered, and I could feel myself getting mad at Ada. I take her into the bathroom and we try to pee again and she just starts going on about her wet pants, and underwear, and how she had the BIG accident and that she was sorry she made me sad. I thought of the above quote and just chuckled. Yes, sometimes it is tough to keep your cool and it is so frustrating when they do something so unexpected, but you just have to roll with it. We go back out, and me and my friends all look at each other and just laugh at how far we have come. 6 years ago we would have never thought that we would be sitting in Atlanta Bread Co. talking about pee and poop and convincing a two year old to ignore her wet pants and just eat her PB&J. You have to just laugh..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Know Your Geography Part 2

So Dana shared with you about her Mooresville blunder last week and she is not alone in her status as "Geographically Challenged" I too fit in this category...probably not good for business!

Last year we had a bride that called us from Afghanistan (She was a pilot in the Air Force....I know...how cool is that ?!) to ask about our Day of Service. She was having her wedding in the Outerbanks and needed someone to oversee and do a little set-up....right up our alley! I knew it would be a little travel seeing how it was a coastal wedding so I quoted her 150.00 in travel fees. She asked if we offered any military discounts and I thought....sure, why not....and gave her 50% of our travel fee.

Little did I know that the outerbanks was not like going to Wilmington! It is called the outerbanks for a reason.....it is out there! When we finally google mapped the situation we realized that it was going to take almost 5 hours to get to her destination....which definitely required us to spend two nights in a hotel and would cost quite a bit in gas!

Dana ended up doing the wedding (because we had two that weekend) and come to find out 75.00 does not go far down there! We couldn't even stay one night for that...let alone drive and eat! So we picked the cheapest hotel we could find and sent pregnant Dana (with her pregnant assistant) down (or up... I am really not sure) to the 'Banks.'Well it is a good thing they had the forethought to bring their own bedding because she said the Hotel could not have been more disgusting....she said there was even blood dried on the walls! Guess she pulled the short straw there.....
So Beautiful! I can see why you would want to get married here...

Long story short....knowing where things are located and having a inkling about geography can be good for business....cleanliness...and possibly your safety!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Running Errands

My husband and mom (who is visiting) both asked me if I had a meeting today. Why? I was showered and dressed in something other than workout apparel. No - I reply. The look of confusion spreads on both their faces. 

This is a sign that I need to start trying to look nicer! So today I was inspired to create an easy, yet cute look for when I have to run errands, or even just run after my kiddos. The purse is a total splurge! One day people..

Enjoy the outfit! 

Running Errands

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby's Breath

I know, I know....just the name brings you back to your 80's prom...not that I had prom in the 80's...it was in the 90's. It just makes you think of cheap bouquets filler and wrist corsages! That is not the case anymore! The Baby's Breath is making a comeback my friends....and in a big way! We are actually using a couple of the concepts shown below in an upcoming November wedding and we are super (inner Dana) excited about it! The key is to use it in mass and as a single flower arrangement (meaning just use baby's breath) to give the flower a fresh and modern feel! Enjoy the fruits of my Internet searching...

Love this look...these are larger arrangements marking the aisles.

Centerpiece idea...I think this looks classic and romantic

Love this Bout. idea...we may steal this idea for our Nov. wedding!

A simple and inexpensive bouquet option! This would be great for the DIY bride

So pretty! Love that they mix it up with the white rose arrangements!
Also, we are all about the banquet seating over at C and D lately!

So what do you think? Not quite what you remember!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Boys Miss Mommy Too!

Sometimes when it is in the height of wedding season and we are super busy it seems like I never get to see my kiddos! I spend lots of nights and weekends away from the house and it can take its toll on all parties involved. Thank God for the Facetime on the iphone...at least I can see the kiddos even if I can't touch them! Mason (my three year old) has perfected the sad voice laced with Mommy guilt ...."I miss you...." over the phone. I tell him I miss him too and love him so much! Well the other day, he was sitting on the couch with my husband (I was at a wedding) and their conversation went like this:

Mas: "I miss Mommy"
Dad: "I miss Mommy too!"
Mas: "No you don't! You are a big Boy Daddy and big boys don't do the missing!"
Dad: "Even big boys sometimes miss people"
Mas: "So..... you miss Mommy too??"
Dad: "yep"
Mas: "We both miss Mommy"

That night when I spoke to Mason he very promptly told me that he AND his Dad missed Mommy and that they BOTH loved me very much. Even though it is sometimes hard being away it is genuinely nice to know you are missed! Even when it is laced with Mommy guilt....

His voice sounds like this face!

Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Hip bag

Not too long ago we did a wedding with a photographer that had a super cute fanny pack. I never thought the words cute and fanny pack could be used in the same sentence. As we all know, the fashion trends come back around and I am not shocked that this has come back in style. I am just glad that is not in 80's fashion, but a more modern approach to the "fanny pack" which we can now call a "hip bag." 

The updated Fanny Pack
I wanted one. How convenient! I am more than pleased that pocketed dresses are in style, but that means that we are loaded down in our pockets with phones, timelines, pins, and random items. usually only one of us has pockets so one person is carrying all these objects. It looks kinda silly and is rather bulky. Also, my favorite planning dress does not have pockets. It is my favorite because it is comfy and easy to pump in (the joys of a nursing, working momma!) I wanted a fanny pack! Errrr...a Hip bag! I googled some options and I just could not stomach the $120 price tag, so I thought, "I can make one!" And I did! Here are the supplies I used..

  • Pencil pouch. I found mine at Wal-Mart. Now, here is where you can get creative. I got a plain, black, neoprene pouch. You can get a more fancy one that is more your style. I am creating this to blend in, not stand out. 
  • Chain from Lowe's Home Improvement. Again, I got black, but a gold would be super cute if you are going for the more stylish look!
  • A carabiner (small one)
  • Sewing kit 
 Step 1: Cut a hole the size of the width of the chain into the back of the pencil pouch on the left side. Be careful not to cut through the other side. Repeat on the right

about 1/4" long
 Step 2: sew around the edges of the hole using an overcast stitch

What the holes should look like
 Step 3: Measure the chain to your desired length and cut. Thread the chain through the two holes and attach with the carabiner.

Step 4: Fill and wear!
Here are some must have items for every wedding! 

The finished product - comfy and functional!
I am also going to *hopefully* have DIY Mercury Glass, tank top dress, and headband coming up in the next few weeks! Make sure to come back and check it out!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Know your geography

Today's business lesson is one that my 8th grade history teacher would love. My 8th grade teacher was a nut - really I think he was just a hippy. He had long blonde hair, wore bell bottoms, and typically referred to his students as "dude" and "dudettes." He was cool - I liked him and his laid back attitude. He was insistent that by the time we got out of his class, we would know the top 200 countries in the world and where they were on a map. We were quizzed regularly on this and we had to draw (draw people!!) the continents and label the 200 countries in 20 minutes. I practiced religiously - I really wanted to get A's on these quizzes. He graded harder for each successive quiz and I was on the path to make A's on them all. We moved halfway through the year, so I never got to see how much better I actually got and then I promptly forgot all those 200 countries and to this day I can draw the continents, but not tell you where Madagascar is.

This is so me! 
This is a story that would have been helpful to know my NC geography. Before I begin - this was one of the best mistakes because I seriously loved this family! Anyways..

Last Spring/Summer, I got a call from a bride that wanted to book us for her July wedding. We chatted and connected well on the phone. She was still in school, so she was not able to meet. She asked if we traveled to Morrisville. Of course - why not? I mean it is like right down the road maybe 10 minutes. I was confused as to why she asked, but did not think anything of it and said, sure! She booked us and we put her on the calendar. About 2 months prior to her wedding, I contacted her to set up a final meeting and asked where she was coming from. She mentioned that she was home and off exit 23 (Huntersville). Odd - but still no red flags! This was in the midst of crazy wedding season so I put off responding for a day. It was the morning after a wedding and I walk downstairs and Court and Sam are talking about this wedding. And before I even had my coffee Court burst out that there is a Mooresville - near Charlotte!

Oh - well then all the pieces starting clicking together. Do you travel? Huntersville. I felt so silly!

Not a big deal, we do travel, but it was something we had not planned. I have family in Huntersville, but they were all out of town and we ended up staying in Charlotte. I was not upset by this for a few reasons: 1. It is actually quite entertaining to tell the story 2. This was such a fun wedding and I loved the family and couple - they were so sweet! 3. We got to go to IKEA!! Wahoo! and 4. We actually got a good amount of work done. So, yes, know your geography! We would have still taken on the bride, but would have planned a teensy bit better for the weekend. We are notorious for things like this..we have another story about this from last fall..stay tuned for next week!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Casual to Business

It is quite often that we have casual business meetings with brides. We go to vendor meetings, caterer tastings, and picking out various decor items. We want to be comfy, but not sloppy. We don't need to be super dressy, but we still try to look cute and put together. Here lately, we have a new bride meeting or a business meeting to catch right after that and we need jazz it up a little. So, I put together this little number to go from a casual meeting to a more "business-y" meeting. The left side features a pair of super cute sandals with a simple earring for the more casual look. The right features the dressier option -  a white jacket that I am in love with! It is such a classic piece and one that every business woman must own. I would replace the bow with a more clean belt and add some nude pumps to give it a little more dressy feel. All items were under $50! I think it is time to go shopping!!

Casual to Business

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wine is a Barrel Full of Fun!

Lately there seems to be a trend in wedding design toward what I will call 'Rustic Chic'. It incorporates some staple country items like mason jars or old apothecary glass with beautiful florals and modern colors. What you end up with is a fresh, modern, but decidedly cozy feel to your wedding. One particular item that seems to be on the 'must have' list when going for the 'Rustic Chic' wedding is the old wine barrel. We have a couple of brides that have requested these for their wedding...and let me tell you they are none too easy to find! One, they are huge (like 60 gallons huge) two, They are not cheap or readily available...at least here in good ole' NC. We are determined to procure a few (6 to be exact) and fulfill our bride's vision!

How could you incorporate wine barrels into your decor'? I did a little Internet research to answer your question! enjoy...

You could use wine Barrels in the ceremony as Alter Pieces

Love this! You could use them as a Dessert or Drink station

Another Alter piece Idea

So Cute...and self-explanatory!

General decor or another Alter Piece

Love them all! What are your thoughts? Have you used wine barrels in a creative way lately? Know anyone in NC selling them?