Friday, August 31, 2012

DIY: Kid's backpack

Ada started preschool this past month and I wanted to make it as special as I could for her. We have been talking for months about "going to school." We started with everyone going to school and eventually talked about how Ada was going without mommy and daddy and that we would be back to pick her up. We made up Princess Ada going to School and she latched on to the idea very well. In all of our conversations she was most excited about getting to bring her back pack (pack, pack, pack).

Open House came and we were told only small bags, no back packs of the normal size. Crap. So, I told her we were going to the store to get a special bag just for school! Isn't that great (in my best excited voice). And she was all for it. We went to Target and found a Dora bag that was the right size, but I couldn't stomach the price tag for something that was not really being used. I admitted that we were not going to get a bag and she was crushed. I felt really bad because I had promised her that she could bring a bag to school. I gave in and decided to make one even though I had one night to get it done. We went to the sale kid section and I had her pick out her favorite shirt and she ended up picking a bathing suit cover up.

18 months on sale for $5
 Step 1: Rip out top seam with a seam ripper

This is what you are left with
 Step 2: Cut off strap. I ripped the first seam so that I could have an extra inch of strap. I had to cut this part because it was surged together.

Try to get as close to the seam as possible
Step 3: Square it up a bit. So this was the toughest part, honestly. I am terrible at squaring, but the shape was more triangular and it looked funny when I had her try it out, so I straightened up the sides a bit. You can see it took me a few tries to get the right line!

Sew on the straight line and trim the excess
 Step 4: Try out the straps. I found that I needed to add about another strap length to make it hang right

Step 5: Add 4 inches (or how much you needed) of fabric. I sewed the seams together and turned it right side out like a tube. The straps that came with the cover up were hollow and not sewn shut, so I inserted the white tube and sewed it to the original strap

Step 6: Pin and try on the kiddo

Step 7: Sew the strap on top and where you pinned 

 Step 8: Turn inside out and sew the bottom shut
 Step 9: Done! Voila!

I did add a little ribbon to tie it closed at the top 

She loved it! 

So did Henry :)

All in all an easy project that took about 30 minutes and $5! Happy Friday everyone! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Doing it all

I can do everything - plan, design, strategize, market, accounting, web design, advertising, coordinating, arrange flowers - what can't I do?

I am super woman!
Being a small business owner, you wear lots and lots of hats (well actually I don't wear any REAL hats - I mean it is not my best look, but that is a different topic for a different day). Courtney and I have to do everything and sometimes we aren't the best at it. For example - Courtney is MUCH better at the business side of things, logistics, and actually making us money. I am better at organizing, advertising, and planning. We are both pretty equal on the design department, although I do think she has a better eye for some things. However, right now, I have to do the accounting and a lot of the day to day stuff that I am not that great at. But it is where we are. 

We both have to do it all. There will come a day when we can split jobs, we only have to wear a few hats instead of 100 - we can do our strengths and pass off the "weakness" to another. We can hire employees!! Oh the joy of an office manager! But for now, we have to be superwoman. We have to realize our weaknesses and let the other speak up and give advice in situations. Just last week Courtney pointed out a situation where I was not being my best and that I needed to step it up. It is hard to hear sometimes, but I am not perfect - in fact I am not super woman. I can do it all, but can I do it all perfectly

No. And that is where a beautiful partnership comes in. One to pick up the slack, to bounce ideas off of, to hold each other accountable to our work ethic and our vision. It helps that we are sisters - that we can speak in various clicks and grunts and understand one another. We also can yell, lash out, whine, and complain and the other just roll over and take it. Swallowing your pride is the hardest lesson I had to learn. I thought that I was able to do everything, perfectly and better than the next person. Reality hit me hard this year when we boomed and got so busy that my weaknesses starting poking through. I have learned to take constructive criticism, to appreciate the "good job" and "you did well" and not just downgrade my successes. 

We would be nowhere if it wasn't for the other. Together, we can do it all. Together, we can be successful, and together we can climb this mountain and achieve our dreams. So here is a hearty Thank You to my sister, my best friend, and my business partner - I couldn't be climbing this mountain with out you! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why I Will Win THE Challenge

That's right....I have this in the bag! What competition you say??? Well it is described in great detail here! You can play along too if you would like to flex your creative muscles...It has actually been a lot of fun...So much that Dana (who is going to lose) wants to make it a rather steady back to the thrift store we go!

I found these items at my local GCF and have spent 10.00 of my 20.00 dollars. My dress is complete and I just need to make my accessories for the outfit! You will have to wait until reveal day to see my finished product, but until then I will show you what I'm working with!

Here are my finds all together! That belt was only 1.39!

Just a regular button was a little snug  across the top. 

My starting point! I loved the color, fabric, and construction of this some point it was expensive!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rachel and Corey - All Saints and Stockroom

This update is actually a long time coming! We had the privilege of doing our favorite florist's assistant's wedding! (that was a mouthful) They are actually quickly approaching their first year anniversary (happy anniversary you two!) Better late than never..right??

I LOVED the design in this wedding.....I was really interested to see what those two would come up with as 1) they have every flower at their disposal and 2) many many months to dream it up! They did not disappoint! I was blown away by all the flowers in the ceremony....even these pictures don't do it justice! The aisle was a series of old shutters and windows filled with flowers and candles! It was AH-Mazing!

Here are some great detail shots from that day for you to peruse...and maybe get inspired yourself!

Wreaths on the beautiful!

The Alter....May have broken fire code there....

Loved their "message in a bottle" guest book!

Each place setting had an orchid on the napkin!

The head table!

Loved it all (still looking at the head table here)

So cute!

Another view of the head table with the candles lit

Flower Petal cones on the chairs at the ceremony.

One of the centerpieces...I loved all the candles surrounding the base!


Another centerpiece with a candleabra

Ceremony - All Saints Chapel
Reception - Stockroom
Photographer - Emily Barefoot
Coordinator - C and D
Florist - Flowers on Broad Street (Great Job Donna!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Helping the Princesses!

This could also be called "Kids Say the Cutest Things!" My three year old tells everyone that his Mommy helps the princesses. I am not sure if he knows exactly what I help them do, he just knows that royalty is involved! This line of thinking was confirmed one week when I had to drop off a Bridal Portrait bouquet to a "princess" and decided to take Mason along with me. Not only was the bride there in her wedding dress ready to take pictures; but her venue was the Barclay Villa in Angier.....Which essentially looks like a castle in the middle of Johnston County!

A little blurry....but you get the idea!
He was enamored! Loved looking at that princess....told her how Beautiful she was...wondered where the prince was hiding! I think it confirmed all of things he believed about my job! That was quite a while ago and to this day whenever I am working on a project, making arrangements, or sewing something for one of my brides....he says " Mommy is that for the princess?" "Yes sweetie....yes it is!"

Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Friday - Pinterest Recipe Reviews!

Happy Friday....and am I ever happy that it is in fact FRIDAY! I am sooo tired this week and grateful that we do not have a wedding this weekend! The Hubby let's me sleep in on those weekends so I am looking forward to that!

This week I made two recipes that I found on Pinterest (of course while doing my job researching for client's weddings). I often see recipes that I want to try and even created a "food ideas" board....and then never make them! So I decided this week I would change all of that! I made Pad Thai and a Breakfast/Fruit/Chocolate casserole for Mason's first day of Preschool. I will post a link to the recipes...which are pretty detailed and give you all of the step-by-steps with no need to rehash those...I will just let you know how I changed it up and my thoughts on a few of the steps!

Pad Thai:

First of all...a yummier meal has never been made! I mean that literally....first of all I love Thai food, but it can be quite pricey when eating I was super (inner Dana) excited to find a recipe that was touted as "the closest thing I have had since leaving Thailand." I looked at the ingredients and thought....that seemed doable! All of the ingredients were readily available at my local, not fancy, Grocery store!

I will warn you that there is a little bit of prep involved and at some points in the recipe you have to if you have a babysitter (hubby or Dora will do) during the preparation that would be helpful!
The Rice noodles...I actually soaked these longer than the package said to..I got distracted with putting kids to turned out just fine! So don't worry about time limits with won't ruin them!
I made my sauce and did all my chopping so it was ready when I needed it!
The hubby insisted on adding chicken so I cooked it in a little oil and soy sauce and chopped it up real fine.  Then I added it to the noodles at the same time I added the eggs.
The finished product....We even ate it with chopsticks! SOooooo Good!

Breakfast Casserole:

I found this recipe recently and thought it sounded so yummy! It was also made with things I normally have around the no special shopping needed! I thought that the kiddos would love it and we did have that 'First day of School' coming up.....Perfect!

I'm not gonna lie...I was a little remiss on the picture taking .(you will see why in a minute) The only thing I really changed from the recipe is the type of Oats (mine were the instant - full of gluten type), I added blueberries to the bottom and strawberries on top, and used pecans instead of walnuts. I also added a dash of nutmeg as I thought it went well with the cinnamon and vanilla. It turned out really good...I was expecting a harder/granola bar consistency and it was a bit more cake like...but yummy still!

This is the time (AM) that I started this little project! I know, I know....I have already been nominated as mother of the year...but you can add me to the ballots again!

My 'extra' ingredient!
The last picture I took before baking....didn't even take a finished pic!
This recipe did take a little longer than advertised....I wasn't finished baking until It was about an hour 15 to get it all ready....That is about 25 minutes more than the stated time...which can be crucial if you are trying to put this together in the morning!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Day!

Continuing on with our series 'What a Planner Would Wear'  I have designed a wedding day directing look for you! It is quite typical to see us in black or some variation of it! We want to look pulled together but not draw too much attention to ourselves so we tend to wear more muted colors and just bring in the excitement with the jewelry. I really liked this dress because it is perfect for wedding day but could also be dressed down with a tan wide belt and a pair of brown riding boots....add some chunky turquoise jewelry and you are ready for a new consult or day of venue shopping!

(the Chanel bag is a pipe dream......)

Wedding Day

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