Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Friday - Before Picture

Happy Friday!! This month for me is all about organization...I love/hate this topic....Dana just loves it, perhaps she should be writing these posts....However, I am using this blog and the pressure of creating something reasonable on Friday DIY days to get my house/life organized!! I am going to commit to this for the month of January and the rest of the year should be smooth sailing (ha!) We have taken the house off the market and are re-listing it the end of the month in a new/organized state! Today I am going to share a  before picture of the area I will be working on over the weekend...and I am committed to showing you progress on Monday! How is that for a fire under my butt! Here goes the embarrassing part......

Laundry room disaster....
My husband actually built all of those cabinets so that I could have plenty of storage for all my various papers, projects, has become a catch all and a disorganized disaster! Here is what I plan to do this weekend....while watching Dana's kids (no worries Dana...I will keep them alive!)

1. Organize/purge the papers into 2013 filer (something cute that makes me want to file)
2. Start a kid art storage solution...Mason makes like 20 things a day...and while I don't want to keep them all I do want to keep several and these bad boys have been clogging up my storage space.
3. Craft storage - I am going to enlist the help of several shoe box sized Tupperware and labels to get this mess under control.

This is a lofty enough goal for the weekend especially with a couple of extra kids in tow and a party to attend on Sunday!... I promise to update the blog on Monday...even if it looks exactly the same! Also, in an effort to keep me motivated (you thought this blog was for you!) I will have a little paper in/out system that the hubby and I will build and hang in our mudroom type space off the garage! Stay tuned.....


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