Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weighing In...

No this is not a weight loss post....While maybe a pound or two would be nice....neither Dana nor I need to lose a significant amount of weight...such that it would warrant a post! I thought it would be fun to get both of our perspectives on what is happening in the business, life, etc...and write them down for posterity here on the blog. So we will call it Random Musings of us will pick a topic/question and both will give her opinion on the matter!

Question: How prepared are you to list/re-list your house and any thoughts on the matter?

Courtney: Still have A LOT to do! Touch up paint, organizing, carpet cleaning....again! We did this all last Spring in an effort to sell the house back I am a little annoyed by it. Oh well, if there is anything this process has taught me it is that things don't always (never) go according to your I am hesitant to make one! I am taking this opportunity to go through all of our stuff and either purge or organize it so it will be a little easier to keep clean/picked-up this time around. I am feeling good about the agent...I think if the house is sell-able (this is still up in the air) she is the one to do it! I am fairly confident Dana's house will be sold like the week she lists it (again!) and I am mentally preparing myself for the feelings that will come along with that (jealousy, rage, annoyance, etc....) so they don't leak into our business/personal relationship! In all seriousness...someones house needs to sell so we can keep Dana busy...

Dana: I think I am ready..although I may not feel ready. We dropped the kiddos off at Court's last weekend and got a bunch done. We painted the laundry room, scrubbed the floor, changed out a billion lights/fans, cleaned out the garage, organized the kitchen, pantry, patched and painted our closet, and finished my laundry room cabinet project from 6 months ago. And right now, meaning at this moment, I am renovating our downstairs door knobs. We have pictures tomorrow and are listing on the 21st. I feel anxious. I have made list after list and have made a "when the house is shown" list so that the hubs understands the expectations. I am a planner and this is the most out of our control situation and it kinda rocks my world to be honest. My kid's bday's are also right about now - Henry's party is in 9 days and Ada's is about 4 weeks away. I always throw big parties, so the planning for that on the top of this - well it makes my husband and Courtney shake their head. I can't help it - I am obsessed with my kid's birthdays. I am also nervous about where we will go when we sell - anyone need 4 roomies?? The in-laws have been thrown out there, but I responded with a "do you want to be married at the end of all this?" So that is not an option. I don't know if it will be fast or slow or what kind of feedback we are going to get. But most of all I am just excited that we are going to be 1 step closer to this venue. It seems surreal. And on a total side note - I think Court's house WILL sell. I am professing it and believing it. I think they didn't have the best representation before - so I think with the right agent - which they now have - it will sell. Our house has never looked better. We should have done some of these things years ago - so I am excited to have it all done and looking awesome. I will be sad, I love my house - but I love my dream even more!


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