Monday, June 3, 2013

Inspired! we officially have a blog schedule...and I (Courtney) am in charge of Monday's and when those days are missing you can blame me! I really want Monday's to be inspirational...something to get you guys (and me) motivated and excited about the week...a great thought, a pretty picture, a future vacation destination, a fun project....This week I want to give a little shout out to my Husband... I know he is rarely mentioned on this blog but he has been very inspirational to me lately. Last Fall he was down sized from his job and was really down in the dumps. He has since then worked really hard and is on his way to a super successful business that not only pays our bills but may even afford one of those inspiring vacation pictures one day! He goes out every morning, works hard, makes something out of nothing to provide for our family.While at the same time being super helpful at home; making dinners, doing dishes, playing with babies, etc....All the while all I can do is focus on the next wedding and get through my day! I am so very thankful for his support and positive attitude! Thought I would just let the world know.....

Who inspires you today??


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