Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Blog or not To Blog....

That seems to be the question! I was happy to see that even Amber fell off the wagon last week! Makes me feel better about the multiple tumbles that I have had! Maybe we should all just shoot for once a week....It's the everyday pressure that might be getting to us...who knows!

Anyhow, this past weekend Dana and I decided to go to an estate sale in Carborro. We took along the oldest two kiddos and decided that in the future it would 1) be more fun without kids and 2) be a little less expensive as  they had to buy something too! We were able to snag up a couple of chandeliers for 25 and 35 dollars that will be used in bathrooms and a couple of silver compotes for flowers too! It was amazing to see all the deals to be had! We could definitely furnish the venue pretty inexpensively if we mix it up with the new and old!

I will update this post with a chandelier pick a little later - haven't had a chance to "shoot" the merchandise...

What about you?? Any estate sale deals to share? I think an auction would qualify here too!


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