Monday, April 22, 2013

So we are not going to win "Blogger of the Year"...

I know we have been terrible...I know how many posts have started like that too!

Few exciting things that we can hopefully elaborate on this week...

1. WE HAVE FINAL PLANS....woo hoo...Dana made it! I thought on more than one occasion she was going to have a coronary...or a homicidal fit while waiting for those.

2. We have a closing date...Next excited!

3. We have a busy weekend!!! 3 weddings, 2 designs, 1 rehearsal, 1 bridal shower, and a barrel drop off...

Hopefully we will get around to blogging!

Happy Monday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

And we are back!

So we are home from our whirlwind Ikea trip and it was exhausting! We did, however, get soooo much accomplished...planned one kitchen in its entirety (cabinets, counters, faucet, sink, and hardware), one kitchen with everything but the faucet, and the venue kitchen has cabinets, hardware, and a range! We saved a ton of money buying it now (they are having their 20% off sale) and it is nice to know that it's finished and we will not have to be making these decisions when we are right in the middle of construction! We will just have to assemble and install...ha!

We were there so long that our kitchen designer had to take 2 breaks and a lunch. It was a long day! We did learn a couple of things that might benefit you in your Ikea kitchen design:

1. They have delivery...and it is reasonable! We drove to Charlotte with a plan to load up a U-haul,  drive the truck back to our shed,  and unload our three kitchens into a shed in the back yard. When we asked about delivery, we decided that anything under 400.00 would be worth was 199.00 flat rate for EVERYTHING! Let me tell you, that was a load off our shoulders!

2. Might seem obvious, but the drawer units cost more than the door units. When designing your Ikea kitchen just remember the more drawers you put in the more money you will spend!

3. Almost everything can be changed out later. This is the great thing about the Ikea cabinet; (minus the really nice hinges and 25 year warranty) you can add/change things later. If budget is a concern can get something that will work for now and add things that you may really want but can't afford later! They all use the same base cabinets, it is what you put in them that determines the cost/function/etc.

Here is a little peak of what we have chosen....You can guess the locations!
One of the cabinet Fronts
One Kitchen's Handles!

A sink choice for one of the kitchens!
A faucet....

What goes where.?? Will be revealed in time!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Going to Ikea...

Dana and I are taking a trip to Ikea this weekend to buy 3 kitchens worth of cabinets....we are taking a U-Haul back! This trip was going to be a couples thing but between Sam and Ada's pink eye...and Nora throwing up this has turned into a sister thing! The joys of parenthood!! I still think we will have lots of fun...and maybe a couple of drinks (it has been that kind of week!) Pictures to follow!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Check in!

Question: How are you feeling about Spring wedding season?

Courtney: Pretty good....I feel like if we can get through April 27th it will be smooth sailing from there! We have 3 weddings that day and 2 a rehearsal dinner...and a superfluous barrel drop off. We will definitely need all hands on deck that weekend! While I am chomping at the bit to get started on our building is probably a good thing that we aren't doing anything with that right now...after the 27th will be good! The month of May is really all Dana (woo hoo)! We have that employee now so it is not necessary to do all events together...Mikhail and I are actually going to have some friends over one weekend in May (crazy I know!)  June though....that is another story...maybe Dana can have a cook out that month...or do some painting (ha!)

Dana: I feel better after this weekend. I made about a bazillion lists and have all my final numbers/arrangements in for April. I am excited about the design we have going on. It is some super neat and cute stuff and I am stoked to see it come to life! I also really love our spring brides. I can not wait to see them get married and have a fantastic day! I am looking forward to June when I get to take more of a backseat to the weddings and I will enjoy the break for sure! But overall, it's wedding season! In this business, how could you not love it?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blog Hi-lite!

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I recently found this blog about a family that has adopted 4 children from the Philippines and are getting ready to uproot their family and serve as missionaries in that country. Their primary goal is to help those orphans who have disabilities (Sight, hearing, etc..) get the medical care that they need. Their stories and honesty about their own struggles with adoption is enlightening and convicting! It really puts life into perspective! enjoy...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wedding Season Initiation!

It has started friends! The beginning of wedding season...We had three events this weekend and all went off with a hitch...but thankfully no real glitches! (Ha...corny I know...) We left Amber (our former employee) alone for the first time and she did GREAT! We used Elle (former bride, now assistant extraordinaire) for the first time and I think she may be able to take over my job... proactive and solution her! Lastly, in a list of firsts, we tried out a new intern on Dana's event and Dana said that she made a great assistant. Sooo looking forward to having another intern....

I think it was a great kick off weekend and a sign of good things and exciting weekends to come!

Wedding Season Spring 2013!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

This post actually should have been posted yesterday...but the day was just too busy! It was Dana's birthday yesterday...and the beginning of her last year in her twenties! Pretty soon she will be stepping over to the dark side with me....You know, because we don't have enough in common as it is! Words can not describe my relationship with my is some other worldly connection that we have with one another and I am so grateful to have it. It is one of the most important things in my life!I thought I would just announce that publicly!


First of all, where has the year gone?? It seems like just last year we were driving down to Florida on your birthday...celebrating you with cupcakes (you made your self) in a McDonald's play space! I want to let you know how much having you in my life means to me...before another year creeps up on us again!

1. You make my life possible! Seriously your role should be Courtney Support. I could not do everything that I do without you there. You are always willing to take the kids, run an errand, or just fill in the gaps for me when I can not do it all or life becomes to much. For that I am so very grateful - more than I can express here!

2. You are the Creative force behind C and D. I am always amazed by the creative things you can produce! I am still in awe of how you taught yourself how to use adobe illustrator to create our logo and then all the other things that you do with it (I am so not involved there...I don't even know!) Without you, C and D could not be what it is today...and probably WOULDN'T be today!

3. You are my sounding board. Whenever I need to vent and make no help me sort out what I am trying to say and come up with productive ideas to fix my emotional moment! I am never in the back of my mind worrying about your judgement on a situation. I love that I can be completely honest with matter how dark or wrong I feel my thoughts are.

You are so much more to me than these three things! But I want you to know what an asset you are to me and how much I value, respect, and admire you. You a a beautiful person (inside and out),  a great Mom, a thoughtful wife (I'm taking my cues from you here), a brilliant sister, and loyal friend. God knew what he was doing when He sent you to me on 4-4 all those years ago...and everyday I am thankful to Him for it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Venue Update

I am sure these will be coming fast and furious in the next couple of months as it seems like things are happening quite quickly now (not quick enough for Dana)! This past week was exciting;  as you saw in this post we set the stakes and determined the set backs (yeah!). A few more exciting things happened:

1. We chose the windows! So I went into the meeting thinking I wanted one thing and we fell in love with something else. Of course it was more expensive...thanks Dana for pointing them out! These windows are PERFECT though! They have the simulated divided lights, paintable or stainable interior, and aluminum clad Bronze exterior. They are casement style, meaning they swing out instead of up like a double hung, which gives them an older feel. I think they were made specifically for meet at that particular moment in time...and be installed in our venue!

This is similar ...but ours are a little less busy(we are doing only 8 lites)

2. We chose the Front Door! And the back Dana pointed out that she wants a front door for the back door as well....I understand why she feels that way...most people will be getting married in front of the back door (in the courtyard, between the carriage house ballrooms) and so it should be grand. But what a budget buster! I LOVE the door is exactly what I was looking for and only a few hundred over budget....(we can't keep that up!)
Two of these please!
3. We chose the Bricks and the Shingles! So not as exciting as the windows and doors I know. However, the exciting thing is that Triangle has "short stacks" available and we can get the bricks at a discounted maybe we can afford that extra front door after all! 

So, lots of fun choices made this week! I am sure we will have more to update next week... It all seems so surreal and picking out these details is like taking a vision out of my head and being able to touch and feel it! Crazy I know....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just a Peek....

A little teaser of our "Crowning Glory"(for now) in wedding design.....

I know you can't wait for more!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Laid Plans.....

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a lesson in that old adage:

"the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray"

Not that we are not used to changes in the plans....we are practically Gumby over here, we are that flexible; but we have had to make some pretty big changes here lately and I thought it might be fun to review!

Just for kicks...I thought it would be fun to review the original venue timeline we were batting around: 

Venue Timeline – my thoughts

February 2012 – Close on property
March 2012 – Finalize plans for cottage and main house
April 2012 – Have quotes for septic, Foundations, Framing, roofing, and Siding on cottage 
May 2012 – Hopper house on the market
June 2012 – Have cottage “dried In” working on finishing inside components on the weekends
August 2012 – Hoppers Move into Cottage/house sells
October 2012 – Start construction on Bed and Breakfast 
January 2013 – Main house Dried in/C and D to do the wedding show to attract Fall Brides
April 2013 – Kadwells to put their house on the market
May 2013 – House finished and closed out (This gives us 8 months of construction time)
July 2013 – Landscaping and furnishings
August 2013 – Launch Party
September 2013 – First wedding

So ....I know that is comical now! We are only about 9 months late on the house selling (on my end) but a couple months early on the Kadwell's house selling (yeah). While we are not going to have a September wedding...we could theoretically have a November or  December wedding...which doesn't seem too far off. I think we have given ourselves 2 seconds now to get that landscaping up and the house furnished...we are still having that launch party though! 

Recently we have nixed a cottage, added an apartment, added a wooden fence, shortened the wooden fence (due to budget constraints), added a roof deck to the concourses, took out the concourses altogether(can't afford them), added in stamped concrete, changed that to Chapel Hill Grit, took out an office (sad day), and changed some brick to Hardie board. 

We have not even started construction people! 

I am interested to see what we end up with when it is all said and done...I can only imagine what else is going to be changing over the course of the next 6 - 8 months! Stay tuned!