Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY: Upcycle Bridesmaid's Dress

Who remembers this from FOREVER ago?? Well, we did complete our outfits, but we never officially blogged about it. I wore mine out with my handsome man for a Valentine's Date and I really loved it! After wearing it for a few hours, I did decide to take the boning out on the side, but other than that - it was comfy and I felt so pretty in it! Here is my tutorial on how I did it..

What I started with! 

First - I measured it straight down, I wanted a straight look, not a triangular shape.

I used Tailor's chalk - which is such an ingenious idea. 

Then sewed it on the line to create the side hem. I didn't not cut yet - and thank goodness I didn't. 

This "simple" little step took me 2 days and about an entire roll of thread. I tried it on and it was too tight on my hips. I tried again - too big. Again- too tight. So I decided to make it curved - bad idea - I looked like I had saddle bags. I sewed these side seams- not exaggerating about 25 times. Until I get the bright idea to trace something of similar fabric (this is VERY important) and similar fit I was going for..

The dress that made me stop wanting to pull my hair out. After this - it was perfict! 
 Onto the Peplum..
I cut about 8 inches off the hem so that I didn't have to sew the bottom of the peplum

I pleated it every 4 inches

Sew down the pleats

All sewed down

I wanted to add a "belted" look to it. So I used some black sheer fabric and placed it face to face to the pleated hem
I then added black fabric on top of that
How it was layered

Sewed it all down
Checked my seams
Then I folded it over to the other side and sewed it down

I tried it on and made sure everything was good, then I measured and hemmed the bottom

The Finished Product..
The Jewelry. I used a bunch of different strands and braided them together
Not too bad- eh?
I really loved this project - as frustrating as it was! Any good upcycles lately?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Venue Update..sort of..

Not too much exciting news over here. We are still waiting on the Permits to get back, which should be (cross your fingers!) this week. It still feels way to surreal to me, so until there is a foundation on that lovely piece of dirt, I just don't think I will believe it.

We have been in a constant state of crunching numbers. I swear every time I turn around, I am looking at that dang spreadsheet with the big fat negative sign at the end. Basically telling me that I am going to have to sell my self to get this whole thing done. Well not really..but it sure feels that way. I can give you the exact cost of things to the penny. I have so much anxiety about getting the shell of this built. I just feel like once we are over that hurdle - I can breathe.

The good news is that everyone - I mean EVERYONE is so very excited about this project. Photographers, caterers, DJ's, all our buds in the industry are so stoked that we are finally here. Even the bank that is going to give us a business loan to finish out the project is super excited. I am sure for them - it is just a solid investment - but they have been so positive and want to come out and see it all coming together. I was the most nervous about that piece and it honestly has been not nerve wracking at all. We have great lenders and they are so willing to go the extra mile to help us out.  I can't even imagine us starting this journey with a better support system. So, to all our friends, colleagues, and family - Thanks - we are finally on our way!

THE Venue
Pretty soon this will be a reality..

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Exhale!

That's what happened this morning for me...I woke up and realized that for at least the next two weeks my time is "semi" my own! We finished our last event of the Spring wedding season this past Saturday and I have to tell you it felt so good! I remember looking at the mountain of weddings (7 in 5 weeks) right before Memorial Day weekend, 6 of those with design/floral arranging, and wondering just how we were gonna make it! It is so very nice being on the other side and looking back at all of the hard work, stress, sleepless nights and knowing that we pulled off 7 very successful events! We have 7 newly married couples that let us be a part of there special the end of all the stress and worry I realize that it is truly an honor to be apart of such a special, intimate moment in a couple's lives!

Congratulations to all of our Spring Couples! (the March - May ones too) Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

All this slack!

Thank God for Amber. I mean seriously, she puts us to shame! I know we have not been the best bloggers in the last few months. I can not even express to you how slammed we are with wedding season and building. The sad/annoying part is that we haven't even started building! It has been DAYS of phone calls, e-mails, and giving guy 1, the item from guy 2, that came from guy 3, and that was changed by guy 4. It has been so frustrating to coordinate all these people and no one seems to have a fire under their tail like we do.

That being said - we are 100% submitted! Praise God. We should hear back in 5 business days and then it is game on people! What a process. I never expected this part to be so difficult! But we are on our way - finally. And I am so excited for what is in store for us!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The DIY Reveal!!

So I'd say the flowers were definitely a success!!!  Here's my finished tWINE bottle.....

For my bouquet  I did five burlap roses, 3 white and two chocolate brown.
Here is all you need!  Burlap, buttons (for button daisy along with a needle and thick thread), a skewer, pipe cleaners, and some hot glue and you're set! 

For the burlap rose bouquet, I loosely followed this video for the roses.

For mine, I used some burlap fabric instead of buying the ribbon.  I cut the burlap about two inches wide and 48 inches long.  This can be modified depending on how big or small you want your roses to be. 

For my five flowers I only made one with a skewer stem (shown below) and the other four with pipe cleaner stems since the opening of a wine bottle is not very big.  I also glued down each of my petals as I went along in constructing my flowers to make them more secure.

Once you complete all five of your roses, you want to attach them to the main stem (skewer).  To do this, I just places my rose where I wanted it in the bouquet and wrapped the pipe cleaners tight and close together down the stem.   

Once I finished attaching each pipe cleaner to the main stem. I glued the bases of the roses together as well so they wouldn't droop since they're in a wine bottle.

 And you have a burlap rose bouquet!!!!  

The button daisy is a lot simpler and very quick to make!  All you need is a button, a needle and some thick thread, and a strip of burlap about an inch wide and 22 inches long.  First, you want to thread your button.

Then you want to thread your needle through the burlap a little over and inch from one of the ends.

Next, you want to fold your burlap over about 2.5 inches and thread your needle through the next layer to make a loop.

You will then fold your burlap back another 2.5 inches to make another loop.  Repeat this process until you have something that looks like this.

Once you have reaches the end of your fabric, you will just push it all together and fan out the loops you created.  You will end up with something like this.

Then you simply knot the back and attach to your tWINE bottle with some hot glue and that's it!!!!  I hope you enjoy this DIY craft as much as I have!!!  Happy crafting!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is how I feel..

I wish I had a picture of some permits to show you or even a big truck on the property clearing the lot. But I don't. And the reason is that we were delayed...again..and I seriously feel like pulling my hair out. 

Why? Well we were all set, everything was ready - and then I get a text - the plans need to be changed. What? Yes- it needs to be a 2 hour fire wall instead of 1 hour. Then I spent the rest of the night trying to find a firewall that would not seriously cripple us financially. I spent hours on the phone with the architect, contractor, county inspector, permitting, and commercial architect. And finally- FINALLY the plans came in yesterday. They are perfect and sent to the printers. 

I can not tell you how frustrating this particular process has been. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought the hardest part would be, I would have told you re-zoning. And yet, that was the easiest. I hope things only get smoother and less rocky because I may just be bald by the end of it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Manic Monday....

So I definitely have that song in my head this morning! Especially the "Wish it were Sunday" part! We had a successful wedding weekend but it was super busy! We were up to after Midnight on Friday putting together flowers,started set up at 11:00 for a wedding that ended at 11:30 on Saturday, and then ran out of gas (thanks sis!) around 1:15 on Sunday to top it all off! So yesterday was definitely recovery day...and I am not sure that I feel completely recovered....No time for that during wedding season though! Have to focus on this  coming weekend! Rest will come in July - which is actually NOT wedding season in NC (I think we have one wedding scheduled that month) and I am looking forward to it!

I am about this put together today!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

tWINE Bottle

Today I figured I'd switch things up and throw a cheap and simple, but cute, DIY your way.  A tWINE bottle!  I picked this craft for this week because I am definitely not the best person when it comes to DIY projects!  So if you're like me, have no fear! You can do this!  All you need is any type of glass bottle, I picked a wine bottle, some twine or jute, and hot glue and you're set! 

Start at the base of the bottle and glue down the first couple of layers.

After you get the first couple of layers glued down you can pretty much just wrap the twine around the bottle without any glue until you get to where the bottle starts sloping towards the neck.  Once you get close to the neck, you'll notice the twine will start slipping.  You'll need to start gluing each layer.  You'll need to be quick because hot glue on cold glass dries pretty fast!

Once you get to the neck of the bottle, you can begin wrapping it again without any hot glue and just glue down your last two layers and you've got yourself a tWINE bottle!  

Tune in next Thursday to see how I decorate my tWINE bottle!  Hint*  I will hopefully be showing you all how to make some burlap flowers!  *Fingers crossed!*

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

OK to Permit

I never thought I would be so happy to see this stamp..

The proof- expensive proof- but proof none the less

We are applying for Permit tomorrow! Eek! I am so excited I could pee my pants. we are FINALLY on our way. Nothing has tested my patience and resolve than this process. Hope to have lots more updates next week!

PS- Courtney had is wrong, she is in charge of Mondays and TUESDAYs. Blame her for yesterday..or me for not reading Monday :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Inspired! we officially have a blog schedule...and I (Courtney) am in charge of Monday's and when those days are missing you can blame me! I really want Monday's to be inspirational...something to get you guys (and me) motivated and excited about the week...a great thought, a pretty picture, a future vacation destination, a fun project....This week I want to give a little shout out to my Husband... I know he is rarely mentioned on this blog but he has been very inspirational to me lately. Last Fall he was down sized from his job and was really down in the dumps. He has since then worked really hard and is on his way to a super successful business that not only pays our bills but may even afford one of those inspiring vacation pictures one day! He goes out every morning, works hard, makes something out of nothing to provide for our family.While at the same time being super helpful at home; making dinners, doing dishes, playing with babies, etc....All the while all I can do is focus on the next wedding and get through my day! I am so very thankful for his support and positive attitude! Thought I would just let the world know.....

Who inspires you today??