Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Future Bradford Site and a quick tip

Friday we (Courtney, me, and all the kiddos) went out to the property to check out the future Bradford site. The kiddos were appeased with slushies and the promises of running around. The first thing we noticed was the Chapel Hill grit on the drive - it made it MUCH nicer to drive on! I can't wait until the entire drive is like that. Right now, it feels kind of like Mr. Toad's wild ride (total side note: I am completely bummed there is no more "Mr. Toad's wild ride" - it was a favorite of mine as a kid!) Once you looped around the back, you saw..

No more tall weedy things where the venue will be!

Such a great site!
A little bit more of a full picture
 The clearing obviously left a lot of dirt - which we wanted to keep for top soil for the septic. The kids, well Courtney's kids, were immediately fascinated by the "mountain" and ran straight for it.

Mason checking it out

Mason and Nora starting the climb

My kids are not interested

Henry laughing at his cousins
Here is the quick tip: don't let your kids climb a big pile of just upturned soil. Why, do you ask? Well, about 5 minutes in, Nora starts crying. We think she had just hit a stick or something and then Courtney goes, "Oh God, she is covered in ants!" We start panicking, she is out of our reach and she is just screaming, not moving and Courtney is yelling at me to get her down so I just yank her foot hoping I would catch her! We got her down and stripped her naked to get all the ants off. It was TERRIBLE! She had over 100 bites easily. She calmed down, we gave her some medicine and she was fine. Needless to say we felt like fantastic parents! Courtney said she complained a little bit about it, but for the most part was undeterred by the bites. In fact, she keeps asking when she could go back to the "mountain." Never baby girl - Never!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Let there be Lighting.... that it looks like we ARE going to have a venue at some point, we have moved onto the fun stuff! Shopping! We have started looking/purchasing light fixtures for the venue. We have 6 fixtures purchased and a definite direction, for at least some of the spaces! It as been quite fun scouring sale ads and the internet for "steals" and trying to fit all requirements into our small lighting budget (which did not seem small when we initially laid it out). Here are some of our finds so far:

We bought two of these to go over the mirrors in the Master Bath! I think they are the perfect mix of elegant with a little age to set the tome for that room!  

We purchased two of these from Horchow - It it their Salento  Chandelier  - to go in the living room area. We wanted something larger, with a presence but can go in a rustic or elegant direction. I am super excited about them!

We also have those two six light chandeliers that we bought at an estate sale - we have not decided where to put them but at 25 and 35 dollars, we could not pass them up!

We will keep you posted on future lighting purchases - I tallied them all up and not including recessed cans (which are numerous) we need to purchase 28 fixtures! That seems like a lot....Six down, twenty - two to go!

Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY: how to design a website

Today I would like to give a quick tutorial on how to design your website. It is three, simple, easy steps! Are you ready??

1. Decide it is time for a new site and don't rest until it is done!
2. Google every question even if it is as simple as "how to change the font."
3. And lastly, the MOST your husband for lots of help.

So, not really a tutorial..but I am so happy to say that we have redesigned our website! With lots of help from Sam, Google, and my tunnel vision, we got it done! There are still a few kinks (can't get my font to stay on all screens, and the contact us page doesn't seem to want to send an e-mail). But nothing major! I have meetings today, so I am not able to mess with it until tonight. Who am I kidding..I would have to wait for Sam anyways :)

It was interesting and mind boggling messing with HTML and CSS codes, but I learned a lot and I feel comfortable getting something elementary up for The Bradford!

Happy Friday and check out our new site!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miniature Bows!

I've definitely been on a crafting kick lately!  I saw this, tried it and just had to share! Today I'm going to show you how to make miniature bows!  I loved this craft!  It's so quick, simple and cheap to make and has so many uses!

Here's how you make them:

All you need it two types of thin ribbon, a fork and some scissors!  

Cut your main ribbon about 9 inches to a foot long and weave it onto your fork like shown.

Then you weave the ribbon back the other direction. 

Keep weaving your ribbon onto the fork until you end up with something that looks like this.

Next, cut a piece of your other ribbon a few inches long and weave it through the middle of your fork under your main ribbon.

Then tie it off with a double knot.  
*You can add a dab of super glue over the knot if your ribbon is slippery to help secure it.

Then you simply trim the edges and slide your miniature bow off the fork.

 And that's it!!! Easy enough right?!
If you want to get crazy, try doubling up your ribbons to add more layers!

I loved this craft.  There is so much you can do with the mini bows!  Use them on small gifts, make barrettes for little girls, use them to decorate a picture frame...  What are you going to use your bows for?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Venue Progress..really!

As Courtney mentioned Monday, patience has been the name of the game here lately. And we STILL need to be patient! The permits are looking like they will be ready this Friday or Monday. The good news is that someone FINALLY gave me a cost to give to the bank to get the funds ready. You would think that they would be all over trying to get their money on time! Anyways, that process is going  and in the meantime, we went ahead and started grading, adding Carolina Grit to the entrance so that big trucks won't get stuck in the mud, and clearing a few hazardous branches/trees. 

I took the kiddos out there today to see the tractors and snap a few pictures. It was hot out there! Good gracious the heat index made it feel like it was in the 100's! Needless to say, we didn't stay too very long. But here is proof that we have broken ground. What a momentous day! 

Getting ready to start grading

Going over the lines/plans/whatever contractors talk about..

Truck delivering chapel hill grit
I'll snap a few picture later today when it is all finished! Do you see those insanely huge weeds! Thanks to all this rain, they have grown almost 5 times as high as the last time I was there. Those suckers are serious and have a seriously deep root system. Sounds like fun doesn't it?!?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Patience Young Padawon

I am not entirely sure how to spell padawon....but I really feel like that is the message of the season. Patience. It reminds me of this song that we used to listen to when we were kids about a rabbit that was going on about how "he just can't wait to have patience, because  patience is a wonderful thing" then he went on to sing that he HAD to have patience now...and some other voice would tell the rabbit - "just be patient."

That is the thing about patience, you want to have it, but waiting for that "peaceful...all is going to be ok" feeling seems like it takes forever....and you need it now! If you had it, all of life's snafus wouldn't be bothering you in the first place. It is a catch 22!

So the long and short of it is that we are still stuck in permitting (I will let Dana give you more details Wednesday) and it LOOKS like we will get the all clear this Wednesday to finally break ground, but we are not holding our breath. I think we closed on the loan 2 months ago and had no idea the headache/heartache that would ensue over getting a piece of paper that says "Ok to build!"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Honeymoon!

So I feel like I should actually finish up my marriage segment since I took a hiatus for crafts and what feels like a dozen weddings and talk about the honeymoon; the beginning of forever!  There are serval  different theories about how honeymooning came about (some are actually terrifying!), but today it is the time for newly weds to go off on their own and spend quality alone time together! There is no set time you have to go on your honeymoon.  Some people wait a month, some go immediately from their wedding and I even know some that have waited a year! When and where doesn't really matter as long as you're getting quality time with your sweetie.

For my honeymoon my husband and I (Brandon - I guess I should name him at this point =)) went on a cruise around the Caribbean.  His first, my second.  We went in January two weeks after our wedding so the hot weather was very welcomed by us!  For us, this was perfect!  We used those two weeks prior to get him all moved in and settled.  The nice thing about cruises is that everything is included except for alcohol, souvenirs, and the excursions.  It was so nice for us to not have to think about anything except each other and what all we wanted to do and see on this trip.  Also, cruises LOVE honeymooners!  When we showed up, our room was decortated with hearts and banners and there was a chilled bottle of wine comliments of the captain (Along with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries my in-laws had called ahead and arranged for us - did I get lucky or what!?).  The other nice thing was we had no contact with the outside world! You have to pay for Internet and if you used your phone, expect your bill to be through the roof! We literally COULDN'T do any work, check Facebook, twitter, Instagram, call anyone or text.  It was amazing!  We woke up when we wanted, ate and drank when we wanted (I did not have one bad meal - tip for future cruisers: take the stairs everywhere and you won't gain a pound and can eat anything!), did whatever activities we wanted.  I highly recommend a cruise to anyone newlywed or not!

Here are some of our favorite pics:

Honeymooner's gathering!

Food art!

The Royal Promenade!  This was where all the shops, quick eateries and the casino were located.

Our room all decorated by the cruise staff.

Enjoying some balcony drinks!

 Our dinner hall.  This is three stories and the food was to die for!

Handprints in the sand... =)

Don't forget the towel animals!

Dinner one night....

Enjoying some local eats and drinks in the Cayman Islands.

Whatever you and your new hubby/wife do for your honeymoon, remember this advice:
1). Don't be afraid to splurge a little! After all, you only get one honeymoon
2). Tell everyone you meet you're on your honeymoon!  You'll be surprised at the service you'll get. Everyone loves honeymooners!
3). Try to stay OFF you're phones!  This trip is about you and your new spouse!
4). And lastly and most importantly.... HAVE FUN!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Holding Down the Fort

So Dana is on Vacation (I am not even sure what that is at this point...foreign concept to me) this week and I have been put in charge of keeping all things together; brides, buildings, misc. business stuff. I knew Dana was a little nervous about it when she sent me a to-do list to complete....No worries blog friends, I will get it all done...and then some (maybe...)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wedding Season

Wedding season has been quite busy for us over here at C and D Events.  We have had several weekends with three events!  I think it's safe to say, despite how much we LOVE what we do, last weekend and this weekend are much appreciated breaks!  We will be all rested to tackle our July 13th event!

So June 15th was pretty special to me.  It was my first full design event! For those who don't know.... I LOVE design!  It's my absolute favorite thing to do, aside from sending all of our amazing couples down the aisle of course!  The event was out at Snipes Farm for Chris and Valerie.  They are such a sweet couple and were so great to work with!  Valerie is in law school and is doing an internship down in Atlanta so that left Chris in charge of the planning and he did great!  He handled the details the men care about (food [Q Shack was amazing as usual!], music [DJ Kyle Gauthier definitely knows how to keep a party going], pictures [Sabrina with Sweet Sassafras makes sure that every moment is captured]) and left the "girly" stuff up to me (Amber).

Here are some of the highlights:

 Ceremony site!

  Pew markers!
 Down the aisle!!!

 Table setting

 They had a bunch of unique flavors of cupcakes (one even had bacon on top!) and had a small cake for their cake cutting!  Cake and cupcakes done by Daisy Cakes

I found this lying in one of the storage rooms and just had to use it for the escort cards!

 Gift table

 First dance! Such a sweet couple!

 Father/daughter dance

 Mother/son dance

Loved the lighting in here! So gorgeous when it was all dark outside!

This was definitely a fun crowd!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Blog or not To Blog....

That seems to be the question! I was happy to see that even Amber fell off the wagon last week! Makes me feel better about the multiple tumbles that I have had! Maybe we should all just shoot for once a week....It's the everyday pressure that might be getting to us...who knows!

Anyhow, this past weekend Dana and I decided to go to an estate sale in Carborro. We took along the oldest two kiddos and decided that in the future it would 1) be more fun without kids and 2) be a little less expensive as  they had to buy something too! We were able to snag up a couple of chandeliers for 25 and 35 dollars that will be used in bathrooms and a couple of silver compotes for flowers too! It was amazing to see all the deals to be had! We could definitely furnish the venue pretty inexpensively if we mix it up with the new and old!

I will update this post with a chandelier pick a little later - haven't had a chance to "shoot" the merchandise...

What about you?? Any estate sale deals to share? I think an auction would qualify here too!