Friday, September 27, 2013

Venue Update...

I know you have all been waiting on the status of venue building, we will not make you wait any longer! We are a bit behind schedule but moving forward none-the-less. I can't even tell you how exciting it was to see the walls start to go up and walk around our future ballroom and kitchen! I was immediately flooded with the thoughts of all the brides and grooms and their sweet families that will be celebrating in our space. One thing that was really great to see was how grand those ceilings will be! Twelve foot ceilings (and 15 in the ballrooms) is nothing to sneeze at! I remember throwing out these semi-arbitrary numbers when talking with our engineer and  thinking "tall ceilings will be nice" but when you are standing in those's REALLY nice!

Another aspect I really liked about the space was the courtyard. It is going to be a little bigger than I thought and once that other ballroom goes up will be A-MAZING!! I really do think it is going to be one of my favorite aspects of the property.

On to the pictures....

Our first dancers in the ballroom! There was music playing on the Framer's radio and Ada looked at Mason and said "I want to Dance!"

Look how small Sam and Mikhail look against that Ballroom...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And then this happened...

This weekend was wonderful with all the weddings. Truly from a business standpoint, it was perfect. The couples were fantastic to work with, vendors were great, food was amazing, and most importantly - they were all flawless. The couples could not have been happier. It was a perfect C and D weekend.

Personally - it was a little bit of a bummer. I am not bummed about my lack of sleep or the permanent stickiness I have on my thumbs from dealing with eucalyptus all weekend, or even the fact that I literally ache from head to toe. No- what sucks is that my tablet - brand new (2 weeks old) - was stolen at Saturday's event. I didn't even realize it until I had gotten home. 

I cried. Maybe it was the 4 hours of sleep I got and the fact I had hours of work to do before Sundays event - but I cried. My husband hugged me and told me this was not the end of the world. Totally true! It is not the end of the world. I was frustrated that we waited sooo long as a company to make this purchase. We waited for all the credit card points, talked about it, and finally decided to do it. And less than two weeks - I am once again without a tablet. So much for moving to a paperless system! 

It was upset about losing it overall, it was not about the materialistic thing - it was just so disheartening. I have never had to think twice about leaving my stuff with a caterer. I never had to worry about something getting stolen. And now, it kind of feels like my innocence is lost. I feel so violated that someone is going to turn on my tablet, see a picture of me and my son cheesing for the camera and not care. They will try to get in without my password and see me and my daughter goofing off and just shrug and continue to break into it. It just feels wrong and so hurtful. 

The caterers and the garden's staff have been great and are trying to get to the bottom of it - but I am not hopeful. It was someone very calculated that saw me with it, saw me put  it in my bag, and then waited for the moment when hardly anyone was in the room, rifle through my stuff to find it and then take it. It is just mind boggling that there are people that feel entitled to take someone else's stuff. 

So although the weekend was great- I did not let this put a damper on my mood or effect my job- it was still a bummer of a weekend. AND to add salt to the wound - I dropped my phone and cracked the corner. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy Weekend!

Shew! What a weekend!! We had such a great time celebrating 3 sweet brides this weekend. On Saturday Amber, Kelsey, and I were with Emily and Brian at Duke Gardens. Courtney and Becca were at the Botanical gardens with Kelly and Alex. And then on Sunday, Amber and I were back at the Gardens for Stefanie and Brian. Here a few sneak peeks from our oh so awesome iPhones!

Saturday at the Gardens..

We were filled to the BRIM! Seriously, I was driving with flowers in my lap

The packed car

All set up! It was GORGEOUS! And the bride did all the flowers! 

One of my favorite details..

We had to move it inside due to the torrential downpour..but it was still beautiful. Gorgeous couple, sweet family, awesome friends, couldn't ask for a better wedding! 

Drenched at the end of the night. The rain was oh so wonderful :)

Saturday the Botanical Gardens

Getting Picture lessons from the photographer!
Father/Daughter - one of my favorite parts of every wedding! 

Sunday at Duke Gardens

The Chuppa we made - it turned out so well! I am not gonna lie, I was a literal nervous :)

Seriously my favorite centerpiece we have done so far! Love the ring!!

The other centerpiece. I was so inspired by her colors and I loved the flower choices!

All set up!

The Hora! I LOVE the traditions of a Jewish wedding. I don't think I stopped smiling all night!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dana IS Still Alive...

Just thought I would let the blog world know.....We are not hiding her in a freezer somewhere...she is still alive and kicking (most days). We have been in all out full-plan mode over many wonderful new full plan brides that we have been planning excited for 2014 spring wedding season to see all of our visions come to life! Dana has three she is working on right now, as well as her brides for the Fall wedding season.

This weekend we have 3 weddings - two at Duke gardens and one at the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill....We are doing the floral design for our Sunday wedding and we promise to show pictures on Monday...We have lots of Spring weddings to hi-light in the coming months so stay tuned!

Proof of Life to be added soon.....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What is Going On???

So we have not updated this blog in a while or given a status on all things venue related in forever! Partly laziness, I think, especially on Dana's part...I mean really Dana when WAS your last post??? We have been at a bit of a stand still with the venue due to a labor cost increase (Like over 25% ) on the framing. We spend all free time last week on the phone with potential framing contractors to find one that could fit our time-line and budget. On top of that, we went ahead and pulled permits for the first cottage which we are paying for with various bank accounts and credit cards! Therefor we spent the REST of our free time lining up a concrete contractor and plumber to start this whole process!

Needless to say it has been cra-zy over here! I feel like I am doggy paddling through life just trying to keep my head above water concentrating on just the immediate need/fire to put out. So I thought I would just list out the venue/cottage fires put out in the past week....more for us! Sometimes it feels like you aren't moving forward when in actuality things are being accomplished!

1. Paid and applied for the water tap fee
2. Filled out and applied for permits
3. Narrowed down a concrete contractor
4. Found another concrete contractor when the first one inexplicably raised his quote 2500.00
5. Spoke with county inspectors to answer the new concrete guy's questions
6. Found two qualified Framers that are in our budget and fit in our timeline (This seems trivial but seriously...days of our lives were taken up with line item 6!)
7. Met a plumber out at the property
8. Got quotes from many more plumbers
7. Picked a plumber out that was only slightly more than our budget...
8. Got a Roofing quote for the cottage (way under budget - woohoo!)
9. Decided on a roofer!
10. Learned that our permits were NOT being processed.....apparently you need a Construction Authorization for the septic...not just the improvement permit.
11. Re-scheduled all sub contractors
12. Scheduled the lot(s) to be brush cleared and scraped
13. Staked the foundation out for Dana's Cottage
14. Found a sink/faucet/and shelf thingy at the restore for Dana's cottage (great find really!)
15. Did NOT find windows at restore - decided we need to do more research there....
16. And handled/met with/confirmed vendors for our brides (Do our actual job....)
17. Kept the kiddos alive
18. Some of us continued to grow a baby...

I am 100% sure I am leaving something off...but you get the idea! It has been busy...super busy....over here!

Where the first cottage is going....notice the lack of weed/tree like structures!