Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello Blog world! I am happy to say that we are back on the blogging wagon! Ignore Courtney's LACK of posting last week - I mean she does have a good excuse..

Mr. Liam was born only a few weeks ago
But anyways- we are trying to be better and have a good system to make sure we are more present on the blog. That means more weddings and more building pics! Wahoo - I know you are excited.

But on to the post. Encouragement. I struggle with this. It is kind of awkward to be encouraged, it makes me feel kind of narcissistic and like I am throwing a pity party. I have never been good at accepting it. I have been part of this women's group over the past year and that is basically the purpose of the group - to encourage, uplift, and love your fellow sister. 

Very similar to how we interact with each other

We had our last meeting last night and we exchanged "love notes." Really just notes about each person in the group - our thoughts, how they have impacted us, etc. It was so encouraging to hear these women express what I have been praying I come across as. I feel like through this all a lot of me has gotten lost. I have always been the person organizing meals for friends who have babies or stocking their freezers. I love giving gifts, helping out a friend, and just being present. I haven't been that person. I have been a taker - not a giver, which is truly not in my nature, but it was what I needed to survive.

This has been a tough year - a year of struggle, doubt, highs, and so many lows. So many people say " I know you are soo excited!" and I am - I truly am so beyond blessed that I get to walk down this path, that I get to see my dreams unfold. However, in the middle, it is not easy. It is truly the hardest thing I have ever done. And truth be told - I need encouragement. I crave it. I found myself feeling lighter after these meetings and ready to take on the next day. I think as women we tend to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. If we work too much, we feel like we abandoned our kids. If we work too little, we feel like we aren't contributing to the household. You feel like you yell too much or don't discipline enough. You don't understand how the mom at pre-school looks like she stepped out of a magazine and you look like you just ran a marathon in your pajamas. You envy the mom that has time to post pretty pictures of the craft project they did with their kids or the Pinterest perfect birthday cake they made. You struggle with the fact that you spent too much time on the computer and not enough time playing princesses - yet at the end of the night the pile of work is exhausting. It feels like you just can't win. But the truth is that we aren't meant to win. Life is not a race. It is not a competition. There are times that we are stuck in the mud and we need that hand, that hand to help pull us out and encourage us that, yes, we can get out of this! That is what life is about - not the comparison, but the encouragement. And that is what this group has been for me this past year. I am taking this attitude into the office. We could all use some encouragement and I have made it my resolution to be more encouraging and to accept encouragement with out brushing it off.

I am so grateful for the new C and D. I say new because our whole outlook and attitudes are different. We have a new team member that keeps us accountable and truly takes a load off of us so we are able to be the business owners we want to be. We are on the verge of a year that could change everything. We have an amazing team and I am so grateful that I get to work with these ladies and be encouraged by them.

~ Dana


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