Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sneak Peak: Becca

Hello readers!

I’m Becca, the newest of the crew.  I am so excited to be a part of such an incredibly hard working and creative staff team at C and D Events.  I have been with the C and D team for 3 years now.  I am loving working with a company who has a passion for seeing marriages off to a healthy start and lasting a lifetime!  Here’s a little sneak into my life:

photo by Dana Laymon Photography

How did you join the C and D team?
While I knew Dana in college, it was during our teaching years that I really began to get to know her.  She and a group of sweet young teacher gals invited me to be a part of their weekly bible study.  We all cherished that time growing and sharing life together.  During my first year teaching, I also got engaged (seriously crazy year).  C and D Events was just beginning and my wedding became one of their first events, and most likely the hottest wedding they’ve ever directed (it was 80+ degrees on that gorgeous August day!)  Soon after, I began working with Courtney and Dana on events they needed extras on, and with my interior design background I began falling in love with the design details of a wedding day.  Eventually, that led to my current position with C and D.  I’m truly honored to be a part of a team that values family, faith, and excellence in everything they do.

What’s your love story?
My parents always told me that God was growing up a good man for me and always encouraged me to pray for my future husband.  Knowing this, I went into college wondering if I’d meet my Mr. Right.  I had my list of a million little things I wanted in a man.  It’s safe to say that God totally blew that list out of the water when He gave me Jake.  Jake and I met our freshman year of college - he was a long haired, skinny-jean wearing band boy and I was that girl with a boyfriend already.  Since I didn’t think he was “my type” I wasn’t attracted to him at first, but as time went on and I got to know him better, I recognized so many “marriage-material” qualities in him that I loved.  I was soon smitten with him.  After being friends and dating others for our first 3 years of college, he confessed to me that he had always wanted to be mine (and even told his suitemates on the first day we met that he had met his future wife!)  We dated through our senior year of college and onto his graduate school years.  We got married on a hot day in August in front of a private home on a lake in Youngsville, NC. Now we enjoy our life in Raleigh and are currently in the process of adopting a little girl from India.

What do you love about marriage?
I love the constant companionship and adventure of marriage!  As we all know, life definitely throws curve balls constantly. I love that my marriage can be a rock for me.  Jake constantly reminds me of the love that God has for me - constant, forgiving, and always is going to be there.

What’s the hardest thing about marriage?
Learning how to handle conflict and communicate effectively with one another.  We all carry expectations and habits into a marriage.  I find that it is so tough, but so worth it, to be willing to express what you need and desire in marriage/life together and to compromise when necessary.  Jake and I had to learn early on (and are still learning) what fights are really worth it, and what things really matter in our relationship.  I’d also say that protecting your time together as a married couple is equally as difficult (but worth it!) in this “busy-crazed” culture that we live in.  Time together matters! Dating each other, even after you have been married for years is SO important.  I believe that your marriage is only what you put into it!



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