Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Room

Hello there! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe during this crazy weather! I have to admit that I have a bad attitude about it all. Snow + Rain for almost 3 months = Not happy construction time. Luckily the only big delay is septic and that is not crucial to start the next phase. But still irritating all the same!

Courtney, Becca, and I are starting a little competition! We each have a bedroom in The Bradford to decorate. We will all collaborate on the Master together. Becca has Bedroom 2 (the one with it's own bathroom), I have bedroom three, and Courtney has bedroom 4 (the one with 2 full beds). Here are the parameters:

  • We each have one chandelier like
They are brass or silver - I think we each are going to be refinishing it..
  • We each have the bed frame that corresponds with our bed 
  • We will each get mattress sets to fit our beds
  • We have to paint/re-upholster/make or buy everything else
  • Our budget is $950 
What is my inspiration? Well, I have spent LOTS of time in the paint store and looking at LOTS of color books and this picture literally jumped out at me and I knew right then and there that it was my inspiration.

I love the color, it is dusty/purple gray. It's Perfect! I am looking at using furniture that is a mixture of natural dark wood and the silver/antique look. I *might* attempt to refinish something in this style..

Love this look! 
The problem is that this kind of finish is really expensive. I saw a couple of DIYs on it, but I was not overly impressed with the outcome. Any one willing to point me to a good one - would be awesome!

I am planning on doing a tufted head board and am currently on the look for the right fabric. I am thinking I am going to do the squares on the wall - but not 100% yet. I also need to find a rug..eek! It seems really impossible, but I guess it is time to start bargain hunting!! 

~ Dana


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