Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Wedding Inspiration: from Kelsy

With May finally here,  Spring wedding season is about to be in full force. After a really long, cold, and wet winter I cannot express how exited I am for warm sunny weather and beautiful weddings. I had my first official wedding of the season last Saturday and I have one every weekend from now until the end of May. I had the privilege of putting together the floral arrangements for my friend Elizabeth this past weekend and it was a BLAST! (More from that wedding later)

As for spring weddings, I have come across some ideas that will hopefully get your inspirational juices flowing.

I absolutely love all of the color in this bouquet. The mix of bright orange and yellows with softer pinks is stunning. I also love the mix of flowers (ranunculus,  peonies, daisies, berries and succulents)

These bridesmaids dresses stand out to me for a few reasons. One, they are very soft and flowy so they would fit well into a spring garden wedding. I also think that the color would be flattering on a lot of different skin tones, which can definitely come in handy. The third reason is that I really like that the girls are wearing the same color, but different styles of the dress.

Maybe it is just because I love flowers and would want to put them on everything, but I think it is a genius idea to put flowers on a wedding cake! I like the simplicity of the white wedding cake that is spruced up with a variety of flowers.

You can really get creative with centerpieces. This bride made use of old colorful books to add more dimension to her floral centerpieces. If you and your husband-to-be loves reading, then you could choose your favorite books and incorporate those into your centerpieces.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to spring wedding inspiration! Find what you really love and go for it!

~ Kelsy


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