Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The importance of the getaway.

This past week, the hubs and I had the opportunity for a getaway (thanks, business trip!).  Every year he has a work conference so we pick a place we would like to visit and I travel with him.  He goes to class during the day and I work from home, shop, or (on this trip) go to the beach and then he joins me when he’s done for the day.  This year, the trip destination was quaint little Hilton Head Island. I was so thankful for some time alone with my man!

We stayed in a small, perfect sized condo which we rented from www.vrbo.com that was just a bike ride away from the beach and restaurants.  We spent our days at the beach, playing tennis, and touring around the island and our nights either cooking fresh South Carolina seafood or going out to fun HHI spots.

After the HHI time was done, we celebrated an early anniversary (6 years in 2 week!) and spent a couple nights in Savannah, GA - a place we’d never been to that’s so close to Hilton Head.  Savannah is really a pretty historic city - and would be a gorgeous southern-styled destination wedding location! The photography spots would be amazing! The food is delicious! The architecture and historic sights intriguing. 
 In Savannah, our favorite spots were:

The Olde Pink House - downstairs in the tavern!
Alligator Soul - yummy creole food and fabulous service
The Public House - fresh, organic burgers and sandwich shop
Rocks Roof Top bar - overlooks the river, amazing view!

We stayed at Planter’s Inn which we found out was quite historic and haunted, and of course I dragged Jake around to the antique shops and clothing boutiques. He was speaking my love language then :)

I feel so refreshed now and ready to take on our Fall weddings - which I am SO excited for!

Everytime we take a trip together or spend quality time just the two of us, I am reminded of how important it is to take time to pour into your marriage - how marriage can’t just “happen” but it takes work and lots of TLC.  

3 reasons why I think getaways are so important:

Takes me out of my “normal.”
Sometimes it takes a change of atmosphere to have a change in perspective.  I always realize when I’m away, how thankful I am for the season of life I’m in, regardless of it’s challenges.  We all need a break from the noise and demands of life and need rest in order to function and create and produce at our highest potential.  How great is it being away from the chores, the bills, the work demands, etc?  It’s also fun to see how the rest of the world lives - outside of our bubble. I even took a break from social media over the past week and it was fabulous - so nice to not be tethered to my phone but be completely present with the one I love!

Reminds me of what’s important.
Every single time I getaway, I realize how much rest and quality time I’m lacking with my man!  Taking time away allows me to truly STOP, and just be.  It allows me to take time to step back and thinking about what is important to our family and what things maybe have been lacking, need more of my emotional attention.  Of course, being with my man for a week reminded me of just how much I truly enjoy spending time with him, and how much more time I need to make for him, even if it’s a chat at the end of the day on our couch during the week! Can you tell that quality time is one of my love languages too?

Gives me time to focus AND have fun!
In a season of much work (that we enjoy and love!)  and even stress over our family’s adoption we’ve been pursuing, we have found that in order for our marriage to function well, we need to have time to focus on one another and have FUN.  I know that doesn’t sound very grown-up, but I’ve learned that an hour of fun together can totally refresh us and draw us closer together. Our favorite methods of fun these days are going out on the boat, running together, playing tennis, or watching our favorite shows.  Being away definitely allows for more of these things together. I know our life will drastically change once we become parents, so we are soaking up this season as what we consider "still newlyweds!"


For those of you interested in finding out what your love language is (which I highly recommend if you are a dating/engaged/married person) take the test here.


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