Monday, November 24, 2014

The Comparison Game

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We had an event at The Bradford on Saturday- but the rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Sam and I got to spend some one on one time with the Henry Doodle, and Sam did a massive laundry, clean out the closet and epic cleaning of the house. I found myself spending a good amount of time catching up on some social media and reading some blogs I have neglected here recently. It made me ponder on this past year of C and D and opening The Bradford.

I read a variety of blogs. Some about moms, some about business women, and some about literally nothing other than to make me laugh. Whenever I read my "mom blogs," I find that it can go a variety of ways - I could fist pump with the mom and nod/laugh in agreement. I am challenged or inspired and it inevitably sparks a convo between me and the hubs, Or (the most common) I compare myself and kids to this seemingly perfect family on my computer screen. It is not much different when I read blogs of other planners/business owners.

I have so.many.ideas. Literally, they come spilling out of my head at all hours of the day (mostly at night). I have dreams of organization, blog posts, ways to expand ourselves, to be more efficient, and to be better at what we do. I see these women who are just rocking it out. They have it all together, look amazing, and seem to be waltzing flawlessly through life. I want to be that! I look at me, who just combed through her closet of clothes that are much too big or much too small. My hair has not been cut in 2 years (2 years people!). I am the farthest thing from looking put together. And I wonder, how do they do it?

When I get caught up in these moments, I try to justify where we are - you just built a neighborhood in a year! You have 2 toddlers! You have a successful business! You have opened a venue! But there is something so difficult about the emotions of owning a business. You hear all the time -"It's business - not personal." But, it is personal. It is so personal. There is so much of me wrapped up into C and D Events and The Bradford that it is hard not to feel like I should be doing this or that. In the past it would have really brought me down - but now - a little older, wiser, and let's face it - a lot bit more tired, I take it more as motivation and inspiration. The comparison game, for me, just makes me want to be better. So what are some improvements I am going to try to make?

1. Get a haircut! Seriously - by Christmas I will have a new do and I am so stoked!

2. Have regularly painted nails. Silly? Maybe - but I think it makes such a difference!

3. Get out of the yoga pants. They are acceptable on Mondays and Tuesdays with the kiddos, but W-F, I will look more professional. I am even considering starting a What are you Wearing Thursdays. Thursdays is our "network" day, so we usually look our best then and I think it would be fun to do a quick post on what we decided to put together that day.

4. Actually start and manage a file system that works. We have failed so many times in the past, but I *think* we have the right gal to keep us on track.

5. Workout. always a biggie - but even doing a little something a few times a week is better than what I have been doing. And lets face it, since I am not longer lifting hundreds of pounds of concrete or doing months worth of manual labor, I may need a little extra exercise.

6. And last - take a family picture. A real one.

There it is - my list! I think it is achievable and I think that these small changes will make a huge impact not just at work, but at our overall presence of C and D. I like it that we are approachable. I never want to be the stuffy wedding planner who click clacks in heels all the time. That is not realistic and that is not us. But - I do think maybe trying to make an appointment without toddler snot on my shoulder will be a good start.


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