Thursday, December 4, 2014

Alter Ego #1

After the massive closet clean out of last week - I was left with not a lot of options that still fit me/were in style/ I didn't look ridiculous in. I really had to get creative with the outfit today...

I got this skirt at goodwill last year for our upcycle challenge. I actually did not like my outfit for that challenge and was always stumped on what to wear for the top with the skirt. Today was no exception. As I was rummaging through my closet I saw this dress that I love - the only issue is that it is a tad too short for me, but I loved the top. My genius idea was to wear the skirt over the dress. It looked really good and it was comfy! I wasn't worried about my shirt coming untucked. I added some black tights and boots, a little bling for a necklace and voila - a great outfit to go meet some caterers and have lunch out.

Happy Thursday everyone :)


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