Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hi there! My name is Kelsy and I am the Intern here at C and D Events. I have been the C and D intern for a little less than a year now and I am having the time of my life. Weddings are so much fun! I am incredibly blessed to be working with such an encouraging and talented team. Here is a look at my journey with C and D:

How did you become the intern at C and D?

My connection to C and D began in high school when I met Becca (she was my High School small group leader). We then developed a friendship as I moved into my college years. Becca would mention how she was working weddings with an event planning company and this sparked my interest. I absolutely LOVE to plan, I seriously find excuses to plan in my free time. So, I asked about potential internships, fell in love with Courtney and Dana and the rest is history.

Now, what do you do as an Intern?

One thing that I absolutely love about C and D is that they really respect and value their interns. When you boil it down I basically have two main tasks as an Intern; I assist with Day of Wedding coordination, and I help with smaller projects and tasks that need to be done during the week. The Day of coordination is fun, hard, and exciting work. I help with everything from setting up the reception site to welcoming guests to even driving to the store to grab ice when the bartender has run out. It is a fast pace job that keeps me on my toes. Other than day of coordination, I work on a lot of smaller projects and tasks during the week. This could be inputting a design layout for a wedding to organizing all of the glassware in our inventory (did I mention that I love organizing too?). So, yes as an intern I get to do a lot more than copy papers and go on coffee runs.

What do you do besides C and D?

You could say that my “full time job” right now is being a student. I am a junior in the Textiles program at North Carolina State University (Go Pack!). College is a blast and I am trying to soak up every minute of it while I am still here. I am thankful for supportive friends and family who keep me going on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. When the weather is nice I love to hike, bike, rock climb, kayak or just go to the park. There are few things I enjoy more in life than appreciating the beauty that God has created. I am also very involved with my local church and love serving with the incredible people I have met. I also really enjoy a good meal and have learned to be creative with cooking in my dorm room!

What are your thoughts on marriage?

This is an interesting question for me to answer since I am not married. I only know what I know through observing and listening to wise men and women who give me advice. From what I understand, marriage is a beautiful, challenging, rewarding commitment that you can make to another person. It seems like in reality it is not that fairy tale romance you may see in the movies, somehow it is even better, even more fulfilling. It appears to me that it is somewhere in between, falling in love with your best friend, working through difficult life things with them by your side and purely enjoying the blessing that you have in one another. Yeah, I imagine it might require a lot of work and effort but is that not all worth it to be with the one you love? I am like a sponge trying to soak up all the advice I can get before I get married.  

Florence, Italy Summer 2013

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bradford Rooms: Becca's

Some of you may have seen Dana’s post last week - we are all busy getting the Bradford decorated and geared up for our Spring weddings.  I cannot WAIT to share with you details and pictures from our first Bradford wedding - Kim and Keith’s big day!  Kim is a wonderful friend of mine and Dana’s from our teaching days, and has quite the story to share.  More on that story soon!

My assigned room for the big decorating challenge/competition, is the bedroom upstairs with an attached bathroom and balcony.  When decorating any space, I like to plan for think the mood I’d like to create in the room first.  Once I have chosen the mood, I can then start looking at colors/design themes.  For my room, I hope to create a very relaxing, tranquil atmosphere, that immediately puts it’s guests at ease upon entering.

Here’s the plan so far:

Color Scheme: accented neutrals (accent colors relaxing green/blues)

Wall color: Tranquil gray/green (one of the lighter choices in the picture)

Bed: Tufted headboard in ivory color

Bedlinens: White, hotel style

Curtains: sheer linen, neutral color of some sort

Lighting: White/ivory washed chandelier

Other accents:

Full length distressed mirror

End of bed bench

A few other things I’ll be searching for in the next few weeks:
neutral colored rug
picture frames to antique and use as wall decor
side table for bed
antique desk

Stay tuned for more design details and for progress pictures as we go! ~Becca

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope that someone is showering you with kisses, nice notes, and maybe a piece of chocolate..or two.. :)

I am new to this Valentine's day tradition. Yes, I have been with Sam for almost 13 years now, which is 13 Valentines, but we didn't always celebrate. I was the girl who always had a boyfriend (it was pretty much always Sam) and all my friends did not. One year in high school I went to my best friend's house with 2 sprinkle cones to console her broken heart. Another year I spent it inside the dorm making crafts and watching sappy movies. One year I even went out to dinner with all my single friends to Angus Barn while all were throwing their fists up as "women rock! Who needs men?" I turned my engagement ring around and joined in. Why? Well, I wanted to support my friends, show them that just because I have a boyfriend (or fiance) that I have no capacity to understand their feelings on what is typically a hard day for single people.

In my years of market research..hah!..I discovered that Valentines is seen by people as a day to say "I love you" to your significant other. A spouse, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, the one who knows you better than yourself. You say, "I love you." "I love you for always doing the dishes. For being an awesome Dad. For forgiving me in times that I should not be forgiven. For making me laugh. For making me think." "I Love YOU, all of you." Well for me, Valentines Day is just that, but it is also more than just telling my husband I love him.

Which - total side note - if you decide that you are not going to celebrate Vday for 5 years you are together, it CAN NOT be assumed that once you are married you will. It took YEARS to finally sink in to Sam that I wanted a card, a love note, anything. Now he is the supremo Valentine.  

Valentines makes me think of everyone I love.  My kids - I want them to know that I love them with every fiber of being and every bit of my soul. There is nothing they could say or do that would make me stop loving them. They are my heart. My family, as rocky as family is at times, it is so comforting to go see your parents/ hear their voice/ not listen to their advice when you maybe should. To cry on your sisters shoulder for no reason, to celebrate tiny successes with people who get it and see your nieces and nephews become little people. My friends - oh geez - they carried me through some of the hardest times and the most confusing times of my life. They have been a pillar of support in ways that no one else can. They can make me laugh, relax, and feel like I am the best person in the world. They let me wallow, complain, and rejoice about life. They are going through the mothering years with me and sometimes I just need to hear that her child also is a crazy banchee who acts like a nut. I need the friend who comes and just is a friend. No agenda, no schedule, no expectations.

So, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone I love. Hope your day is as special as you are!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Room

Hello there! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe during this crazy weather! I have to admit that I have a bad attitude about it all. Snow + Rain for almost 3 months = Not happy construction time. Luckily the only big delay is septic and that is not crucial to start the next phase. But still irritating all the same!

Courtney, Becca, and I are starting a little competition! We each have a bedroom in The Bradford to decorate. We will all collaborate on the Master together. Becca has Bedroom 2 (the one with it's own bathroom), I have bedroom three, and Courtney has bedroom 4 (the one with 2 full beds). Here are the parameters:

  • We each have one chandelier like
They are brass or silver - I think we each are going to be refinishing it..
  • We each have the bed frame that corresponds with our bed 
  • We will each get mattress sets to fit our beds
  • We have to paint/re-upholster/make or buy everything else
  • Our budget is $950 
What is my inspiration? Well, I have spent LOTS of time in the paint store and looking at LOTS of color books and this picture literally jumped out at me and I knew right then and there that it was my inspiration.

I love the color, it is dusty/purple gray. It's Perfect! I am looking at using furniture that is a mixture of natural dark wood and the silver/antique look. I *might* attempt to refinish something in this style..

Love this look! 
The problem is that this kind of finish is really expensive. I saw a couple of DIYs on it, but I was not overly impressed with the outcome. Any one willing to point me to a good one - would be awesome!

I am planning on doing a tufted head board and am currently on the look for the right fabric. I am thinking I am going to do the squares on the wall - but not 100% yet. I also need to find a rug..eek! It seems really impossible, but I guess it is time to start bargain hunting!! 

~ Dana