Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tap Snap - the newest most awesome photo booth

Hello everyone- hope you all are having a great Thursday. I love Thursdays- they are the downswing for the week during our off season and during wedding season, its the day we get pumped and ready for a busy weekend. Either way - I love Thursdays!

A few weeks ago I met Sean Hatfield with TapSnap. To be honest- I get calls all.the.time from vendors. I take the call, ask them to e-mail me because, really who can remember all this info and then file them away into the appropriate folder. When I need someone, I look in the folder. Very rarely do I stray from my comfortable vendors that I have worked with for years and years. Every now and again I am forced to just because not every vendor fits every event!

So, I took the call from Sean - it sounded interesting, but another photo booth?? I have tons of people that I can use. I was interested, but not really excited about it. Well - I was wrong people! This thing is super cool! I got the chance to actually try it out at an Open House at The Royal. It was really neat! It is new, fresh, and your guests are going to LOVE this. Seriously, it will be the talk of the wedding!

The cool thing is that you can edit your photo right on site - so if you want a different background, a mustache, or even just to write something - you do it right there. THEN it e-mails you a picture AND prints out a picture for you to keep. You also have the option of Tweeting it or posting it to the bride and groom's Facebook page. If that is not enough, it also goes into a live feed where guests from the wedding can see each picture people are taking! Don't worry- it is censored, there is a staff member that approves the picture, so if your oh so fun cousin Joe decides it would be hilarious to do something inappropriate, it gets caught and does not go into the live feed.

Here is an example of people using TapSnap:


I asked Sean a few questions about Tap Snap:

Q: Introduce yourself to our Readers:
A: I’m Sean Hatfield and TapSnap is the newest thing to hit the photo booth industry. TapSnap has evolved the photo booth to create a Phototainment system.

Q: How long have you been working with TapSnap? 
A: TapSnap is not a new idea. TapSnap is a franchise with over 100 locations throughout the US and Canada. It is constantly evolving to add new and exciting features. I decided to join the TapSnap team after seeing it in person at an event in Charlotte.

Q: What is your favorite feature of TapSnap?
A:  My favorite feature of TapSnap it the ability for instant social media uploads. Friends and family can see the fun you’re having at an event or wedding in real time and you have the ability to go back and send it to other friends later.

Q:How are you different than a regular photo booth? 
A: TapSnap is completely different than most photo booths. We have no walls and no curtains. We do have custom green screens, custom digital props, capabilities to completely customize the TapSnap to your event, and the ability to send emails of the photos instantly along with Facebook Twitter uploads. It’s also just more appealing to the eye and fits into any event. 

Q: How can people contact you guys? 
A: TapSnap can be contacted by going to or by calling 919-819-9280. If you use promo code C&D1120, you’ll get 10% off your booking.

I tried it out and it was really fun and neat! Check them out - you will not be disappointed! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Dress Shopping

Is it time for you to go wedding dress shopping but you feel clueless about what you should wear to go try on wedding dresses? That is totally normal because shopping for a wedding dress is not something we do often. Here are some helpful hints to help you have a stress free wedding dress shopping experience.

  1. Clothes: Wear something simple that is easy to put on and take off. You will most likely be trying on a lot of dresses and going to several different boutiques, so you do not want to fiddle around with your own clothing. You will have plenty of time trying to figure out how you will get in and out of different wedding dresses. This Anthropologie lace shift dress is easy to slip on, there are no buttons or any closures that you have to spend time on closing. Stay away from buttons, snaps, hook and eyes, and ties. Along with clothing you also want to have the correct undergarments. You will have someone helping you in and out the dresses, so you want to feel comfortable. Strapless bras can be handy and any control you may want and need under your dress. 
  2. Make-Up: Less is more in this case, wear little to no make-up. You have to remember that you are trying on white dresses (or light colored dresses) so you want to be careful with how much make-up you put on. Also you want to be careful with scents you wear, light fragrances and invisible deodorant is the best. Make-up, smells, and deodorant can damage the dresses.
  3. Jewelry: I would stay away from wearing a lot of jewelry. You do not want to get caught on anything or snag something. I recommend a pair of simple studs, like these pearl earrings. If you have any jewelry you know you will wear on your wedding you may want to bring that so you can see how it will look with the dress you pick.
  4. Shoes: You will be walking around a lot and on your feet modeling the dresses, so you want to wear shoes you will be comfortable in. If you have the shoes you are going to wear on your wedding day you should definitely bring them so you can try them on with the dresses. If you do not know what shoes you are going to wear yet you can bring any heels you feel comfortable in or an average heel height that you often wear. A cute studded flat sandal for shopping around in and these cute neutral Michael Kors Heels that would look nice with any dress you may try on.
  5. Bag: You may want to carry a large enough bag to hold your heels in when you are not trying on dresses. Also you do not want to loose your bag in the midst of all the wedding dresses, so a large bag will help you be able to keep up with it. My personal fav, Large Hamilton North to South Micheal Kors tote bag in orange to add a little pop of color to the outfit.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Happy wedding dress shopping!
~ Taina

Monday, July 7, 2014

A little splash of color

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! It was seriously the perfect weather and I could not feel more refreshed and ready to take on the many projects we have this week. We had SO.MUCH.FUN on Friday at our cookout. We started the day out on a friend of ours boat and I got to take Ada while Sam stayed back with the Henry Doodle and she did really great. We had decided last minute to host it at The Bradford seeing how we have no grass in our yards at the moment - all that to change this weekend! And it was really great. The garden area was nice and shaded, the kids played in the slip and slide and kiddie pool and we even all joined in for a little water balloon war. It was nice, relaxing, and we had so much fun that we didn't even have time to take pictures, which really is the mark of a great time. Saturday was a lazy day and we decided to take an impromptu day trip to the beach. So Sunday, we packed up and headed down to Carolina Beach. It was perfect - cloudy, breezy, and not too very crowded. It was wonderful. Here are really the only two pictures we took:
This was right after she started getting a little motion sick - she was a trooper though! 

Little Sand Boogers
On to the actual post! I was getting lost in my great weekend that I forgot what I was suppose to be writing about :)

Color- color scares me just a little when it comes to decoration. I love neutral, I love transformative and for our venue- that is the name of the game - Neutral and Transformative. We settled on three basic colors for the main areas: Silvermist, Gateway Gray, and Wool Skein. Wool skein was our primer color as well - so all the ceilings are in Wool Skein. We have bought probably 40+ gallons of Wool Skein. I am tired of Wool Skein. Love the color, but even me - the queen of neutral - was ready for some actual color. Shocking, I know! So, when we had a chance to actually look at the office, Courtney blurted out she wanted it Mint. Mint? Really Court, out of all the colors - Mint?? Well, I got to thinking and she was right. We need cheery, fun, and bright. It's our office - a place we will be spending a lot of time - so we decide on mint - the color of my phone case actually. We also decided to do a little pop of coral in the bathroom. I was catching on to this coral and mint idea. We had done weddings with this color scheme, but I hadn't thought to translate it into a room. Here are some inspirations that convinced me this was the way to go!
Our coral is a little brighter, but you can't deny that this is a great combo together! 
So this is actually mint and tangerine- but replace that with coral and this is the exact feel I want. I don't want our office too "shabby chic" or too "modern." I think this blends the two together quite well! 

How relaxing does this look? Sometimes you just need relaxing in this industry!

Tufted Coffee Table
As with the majority of the items in the house/office - we have to use what we have to make it what we want. So, our coffee table is going to get a make-over - much like this one. A fun fabric, cute buttons, and we have an ottoman that I will be putting my tired feet up on! 

Do you have any great office ideas? We would love to hear them! 

~ Dana 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope everyone is gearing up for a fun and relaxing weekend - we are actually having people over and spending time on the lake with friends! Sounds like a real life :) 

On the serious note - I have been reading in the news lately all these terrible stories from other countries where women are killed in the name of "honor" for disobeying the wishes of their father or family. One couple recently was murdered by the bride's family for marrying in secret after waiting 6 years!! to get approval from her family. 

It makes me so very grateful for this country I live in and all of the freedoms it provides - even if I may not agree with everyone's decisions and liberties they take, the point is that they have the ability to exercise those freedoms (with in reason). So for that I am thankful- Thankful for a country where two women can pursue their dreams of not only owning a venue but can be mothers and wives and friends at the same time!