Friday, November 28, 2014

Dillon + Lauren: Goldsboro Spring wedding

Lauren and Dillon were married on a gorgeous Spring day in May at the beautiful aged Presbyterian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  We loved their navy and lime green color scheme and the sweet family memories that were made during their celebration!

You could tell that her Grandmother was so happy to be celebrating with her!

The ladies and their fun garden hydrangea mix bouquets!

Lauren's uncle Matt did phenomenal floral design work for the reception! 

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church, Goldsboro, NC
Reception: Walnut Creek Country Club
Photographer: Erik Perel
Videographer: Bill & Karen Sledge
DJ: Anything Music/Rodney Finch
Ceremony flowers: C and D Events
Reception flowers: Matt Evans

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has great plans to get together with Friends and Family over the weekend - maybe even sneak in a bit of shopping :) We over here at C and D just want to let our readers know how thankful we are for you, our clients, and supporters! Without all of you it would not be possible!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kathryn and Rob

Last May, we had the pleasure of working with Kathryn and Rob. These two are seriously the happiest, most excited about life people I have ever met! We planned from a distance over a couple of weekends so we really got to know each other through several phone calls and emails sent back and forth. But when we did meet face to face, it was like getting together with a long lost friend they are so warm and welcoming and draw you in instantly into their world. In fact, I was pregnant with Liam when we started the planning journey and had him in the middle of it, Kathryn insisted that I bring him along on a day full of meetings and she spent 90% of the day holding that baby! She made me feel as if I was planning a wedding for a dear friend or sister! 

They wanted to get married on Family Land in Youngsville (right outside of Wake Forest) next to the old homestead. The ceremony site was surrounded by trees and we decided to have the ceremony under a huge oak tree- it was seriously like entering an enchanted forest, it had the most magical feeling! The reception was held in the middle of a wheat field, just cleared enough for our tent and fire pit. I LOVED how it all turned out - it felt planned but not forced - as if all stars aligned to make this effortless, gorgeous day! 

These boys..

Love the excitement! She had this smile on her face from morning until night! 

The Wheat!

As the guests walked up, there was an old truck with water, and a picture of the truck in it's heyday.

They met at a Mandarin Chinese conference. So guests picked a Chinese word out of the dictionary and signed - such a cute idea!

Some Details

Love this. This was so much fun to create!

I just love how happy she looks!

His face is priceless!

Seriously- it was like a fairytale!

Can they be any cuter?

What a fun group

This- my friends - is an awesome shot!


Loved making these! 

The setting was so inspiring!

Each guests got a Thank you card. I love the look of farm tables! It make it feel so homey.

Cake by the fabulous Ashley Cakes


More Details

Drink Station - such a cute way to keep track of your cup!

Getting announced in


This was how they were all night! Such a fun wedding!

Even the cake cutting was epic

All lit up at night!

A sparkling exit :)

Thanks to our awesome vendors!
The Pig: Friend
Tent: DeeJays
DJ: Just Music DJ - Ross Merle
Rentals: American Party Rentals
Florals: C and D Events
Coordination and Planning: Courtney with C and D Events

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Comparison Game

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We had an event at The Bradford on Saturday- but the rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Sam and I got to spend some one on one time with the Henry Doodle, and Sam did a massive laundry, clean out the closet and epic cleaning of the house. I found myself spending a good amount of time catching up on some social media and reading some blogs I have neglected here recently. It made me ponder on this past year of C and D and opening The Bradford.

I read a variety of blogs. Some about moms, some about business women, and some about literally nothing other than to make me laugh. Whenever I read my "mom blogs," I find that it can go a variety of ways - I could fist pump with the mom and nod/laugh in agreement. I am challenged or inspired and it inevitably sparks a convo between me and the hubs, Or (the most common) I compare myself and kids to this seemingly perfect family on my computer screen. It is not much different when I read blogs of other planners/business owners.

I have so.many.ideas. Literally, they come spilling out of my head at all hours of the day (mostly at night). I have dreams of organization, blog posts, ways to expand ourselves, to be more efficient, and to be better at what we do. I see these women who are just rocking it out. They have it all together, look amazing, and seem to be waltzing flawlessly through life. I want to be that! I look at me, who just combed through her closet of clothes that are much too big or much too small. My hair has not been cut in 2 years (2 years people!). I am the farthest thing from looking put together. And I wonder, how do they do it?

When I get caught up in these moments, I try to justify where we are - you just built a neighborhood in a year! You have 2 toddlers! You have a successful business! You have opened a venue! But there is something so difficult about the emotions of owning a business. You hear all the time -"It's business - not personal." But, it is personal. It is so personal. There is so much of me wrapped up into C and D Events and The Bradford that it is hard not to feel like I should be doing this or that. In the past it would have really brought me down - but now - a little older, wiser, and let's face it - a lot bit more tired, I take it more as motivation and inspiration. The comparison game, for me, just makes me want to be better. So what are some improvements I am going to try to make?

1. Get a haircut! Seriously - by Christmas I will have a new do and I am so stoked!

2. Have regularly painted nails. Silly? Maybe - but I think it makes such a difference!

3. Get out of the yoga pants. They are acceptable on Mondays and Tuesdays with the kiddos, but W-F, I will look more professional. I am even considering starting a What are you Wearing Thursdays. Thursdays is our "network" day, so we usually look our best then and I think it would be fun to do a quick post on what we decided to put together that day.

4. Actually start and manage a file system that works. We have failed so many times in the past, but I *think* we have the right gal to keep us on track.

5. Workout. always a biggie - but even doing a little something a few times a week is better than what I have been doing. And lets face it, since I am not longer lifting hundreds of pounds of concrete or doing months worth of manual labor, I may need a little extra exercise.

6. And last - take a family picture. A real one.

There it is - my list! I think it is achievable and I think that these small changes will make a huge impact not just at work, but at our overall presence of C and D. I like it that we are approachable. I never want to be the stuffy wedding planner who click clacks in heels all the time. That is not realistic and that is not us. But - I do think maybe trying to make an appointment without toddler snot on my shoulder will be a good start.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Chandler and Jason: Meredith College and Cobblestone Hall

We had the pleasure of planning Jason and Chandler's big day last spring. We met these two lovebirds over some coffee at Panera (after we went to the correct Panera!). You could immediately tell these two were just so in love. Whenever I work with a bride, there is always something that stands out to me that I find unique. For Chandler, that was her heart. She was always concerned with Jason having the wedding he wanted - it wasn't about her big day - but their big day! The menu was solely based on his favorite foods, and the tables were based off of his love for fishing. She was attentive and always made sure that those around her had their needs met. It was so great working with these two! I rarely get the chance to attend a bridal shoot and she asked me to tag along! I really felt like at the end of her event- she was no longer a client, but a friend. 

I was immediately inspired by her balloon and vintage feel she wanted. We went with hot air balloons "love is in the air." The invites were custom designed and to open! The little touches are what made this wedding so fun and so unique. It was sad to put their folder in the "past brides" category - but we are so grateful they chose us to share in their magical day. 

All Photos are thanks to AJ Dunlap Photography
The invites

The gorgeous ring!

Chandler had a twin sister! They affectionately called each other "hey twin!" It always made me smile :)

Seriously - could she be any more gorgeous?!?

Love these vibrant colors

The guys - such a fun group!

All set up! We learned a lot about helium on this one! First off, that pinterest picture of photos hanging from balloons - not actually able to do! There is very little that is lighter than helium. Not even baskets would work! We improvised and make it look great none the less!  

Seriously so cute!

Love this photo!

Love this - it describes her perfectly! Wiping his tears after very emotional vows

The kiss!!

The bridal party


Hot air balloon centerpieces!

The Menu- all of Jason's favorites. Apparently he lives on Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Tacos, and Pasta.

A little guest direction. We had ring toss, balloon darts, an old fashioned popcorn bar and corn hole for guests to enjoy before the party started. 

Love the sparkle

Hot air balloons and draping. Whew- those suckers took forever to make!

Find your seat for the ride!

The most epic of cake cuttings

Skylar rocking it out - this perfectly describes the night!

Leaving in a tunnel of balloons

Our fabulous vendors:
Catering: Catering Works
Ceremony Venue: Meredith College
Reception Venue: Cobblestone Hall
Photographer: AJ Dunlap Photography
Invitations: C and D Events
Florals/Design: C and D Events