Friday, January 16, 2015

Alter Ego #2

We have re-named this series "Alter Ego." Being a mom and owning a business that is mostly ran from home, you very rarely get dressed into what most people consider to be "normal clothes." For years, my closet went from cute skirts, dresses, and tops to things I could nurse in without flashing everyone, or things that were just plain and comfy. Now that we have an office- there is a new sense of "going to work" and we are trying to dress the part! I love putting on a great outfit with some awesome heels and feeling like a person again! So, this series is meant to inspire those mommas and work from home people.

A few things about the series. We try to use what we already have in our closet. Every now and again we will introduce a new piece we got, but for the most part, it is clothes we have owned for awhile! One thing I am learning is to look at my clothes in a different light. maybe pairing them with something different that gives it a whole new look!

This week our schedule was all over the place. I think it may have been trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays- which means our typical networking Thursday was..well..almost every day this week. We have been a little hermits in the past few years between having babies and building this monster. One of our goals for this year is to get out there more! I love networking with the pros in this industry, they are so much fun!

This week we got the chance to meet with some awesome vendors, attend The King's Daughter's Inn Open House and the Fig and Honey Open House. Both were filled with great people and awesome opportunities to connect, chat, laugh, and share war stories. Total side note- it you have not been to F&G - go. Right Now. Today. It will make you smile and want to go back every day for lunch (or dinner). So.Yummy.

One of the outfits this week was one I was wanting to try out- but I hadn't had the opportunity to until this week. With the help of my very eager 4 year old, I picked out a black pencil skirt that I have owned since a freshman in college. It sat collecting dust for about 3 years whilst I was either pregnant, or trying to get off the baby weight. I paired it with my new tights from Old Navy (super steal at $5!), my Nine West Pumps, and a polka dotted top from Kohl's I got a few years ago. I have a secret to share - I actually really like a lot of tops from Kohl's (does that make me sound like a mom or what?!?). I kind of used to snub my nose at it, but they have some really great lines like the Vera Wang collection and LC. You also can not beat some of their prices!

Ok - onto the outfit..

Not a bad ensemble using what I have! I actually really like this one and will probably put it on my "go to" list for meeting with clients.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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