Thursday, April 30, 2015


And just like that the terrace is green again.

Well not "just like that." We actually had to rip out the old sod and put in artificial turf because when the tent is up the grass is not happy. But more on that lovely/grueling/terrible project tomorrow. 

While we were painstakingly putting this in (it was painful - it hurts to sit, move, and just generally exist at this point) we had a lot of time to reflect on the company, friends, and just general life choices. The one thing we kept circling back to was how impossible all this would have been (and still would be) if it wasn't for our support system. At that exact moment out walks Barbara. 

Barbara is a gem. She is seriously amazing. This is how Barbara came to be on the C and D Team:

First off, Barbara was not a stranger - her daughter Rachel booked the Bradford when it was pouring down rain, mud up to our ears, and no drywall on the walls. Her mom accompanied her and was so very excited that Rachel was having her wedding here. She worked at Lowe's and over the next 8 months she saw A LOT of us. Every time we saw her, we were dirty, tired, kind of zombie like mumbling about Pex fittings and HVAC parts. She was always happy, and always offered to help. 

The week before our first real/big event was a doozie. I am not sure why. I know we had about a zillion plants, 100 yds of mulch, and just various things that needed to get done before this wedding happened, but there was a ton of little things that just kept that to do list growing. I was in Lowes getting something - who knows what - and I got in line and who was my check out person but Barbara! Always happy and smiling asked how it was going. My gut reaction was to say GREAT! But I decided to be real and my response was: "Honestly, pretty terrible - I am not sure how we are ever going to get it all done." With out a beat she asked, would it be helpful if I came and cleaned? 

I am not sure what happened next other than tears, hugs, and very firm yes!! A few days later Barbara comes over and scrubs The Bradford like it has never been cleaned before. The windows sparkled (Granted she scraped and scrubbed for HOURS), the floors were glowing, and the place smelled amazing. From then on, Barbara became our knight in shining armor - she is the one who swoops in and cleans for the next client and I can not tell you what it feels like to have that weight off of our shoulders. 

To top it all off- she brings us coffee on the mornings that she comes and she sings at the top of her lungs. She is truly so filled with joy that you can't help but smile around her! She makes our Wednesdays so much better. 

I have learned that it is okay to accept help, even when you feel like you shouldn't. If I had said no- we are fine and gave a fake smile as I walked out, I would have missed out on truly knowing such a great person! So, when you feel overwhelmed and you just don't know how you will get it all done - say yes to the person that stretched out their hand - you just never know when a Barbara will walk into your life.

~ Dana


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