Tuesday, April 28, 2015

“Great,” “Crazy” “Love them!”

“Great,” “Crazy” “Love them!” Just a few ways my Bible study leader described the C&D sisters. I now know this is the only appropriate way to describe them. Kelsey, my bible study leader, had been working for Courtney and Dana at the time and I was ready to get my feet wet and hands dirty in an internship. And here was the perfect opportunity. So I made a move and the interview was set!

I was nervous as I pulled up in front of The Bradford. It was hot and sticky, and the air conditioning in my car was broken, so my hair was a mess from the rolled down windows and I had spilled coffee on myself in the car. So lets just say it wasn’t my day, let alone a good day for an interview. But it went well, I think… considering they hired me! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was ready for anything. 

My first day with them I knew kelsey was right, I would love this, but it was also crazy! I came during the end of the chaos of building a venue from the ground up and there was much to organize and get done before this wedding season arrived. I learned the true meaning of hard work, not just mental work, but carrying boxes, spending days organizing glassware and learning the pains of painting in the lines when completing our accent wall. I’ve learned since the start of my internship the behind the scenes struggles and details we worry about as planners, and have seen the feeling of handing your baby ( in their case The Bradford) over to a 21-year-old college student to look after in hopes it doesn't break. Most importantly I’ve learned from the girls how to wear many hats, and be able to deal with it and love it all at the same time!

This internship (and now job) has become much more to me than just a job. I have found my niche, and I am still learning and tweaking it. I am an office manager, a planner, a designer, a babysitter, landscaper and a sister. And I can’t express how much I love it!

Now with wedding season here at our doorstep, I am nervously excited! It’s my first wedding season, and I know it will be crazy! But the Bradford is looking great and ready to open its doors to what’s to come! Be excited with us and share in the experience! We’ve finally got our own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter set up and will be posting daily (I hope). 

But to end today I will say this, if you ever work with us, (and I hope you do!) keep in mind we are great, we are a bit crazy, but we love what we do and we look forwarding to sharing that love you with! 

So Happy Wedding Season to you! 



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