Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wedding Season

Hmmm..that's a hard one! 
Wedding season is here! I am so excited to start seeing some of these weddings we have been planning come to life! When January rolled around we had a team meeting and started assigning assistants to weddings and mapping out some of our busier weekends and it hit us. We had 17 weeks straight with 27 events. My initial thought was to panic. How are we going to do this? I found myself excited, yet fearful of this very busy season.

Planning works in waves. There are busy times and slow times, but what I found this year, that there really isn't much of a slow time. When we aren't inundated with weddings we are busting our tail to make sure the busy times are truly busy. Where as before we had a nice little break at the end of fall, beginning of winter, it all the sudden became advertising season. Who are we advertising with? What's our budget? What is our projection? What kind of a design do we want?

That season ended and we were greeted with booking season. Which is so.much.busier. with a venue than a planner. So many tours, and new clients were completely filling our calendar. Then there is networking. I love this part. I love meeting new people, making connections, and getting to know the people in our industry even better. I love it, but it takes time. I miss bedtime and the night time snuggles. So, when wedding season started, I was shocked that it was here! Where was the break?!?

Naturally, I felt nervous when I looked at the calendar. However, instead of being fearful - I took a moment to think of where we were this time last year.

We were knee-deep in construction. We had just spent the last weekend putting in the terrace, laying sod, and putting in hundreds of plants. We had been pulling late nights where we worked all day, had dinner, put the kids to bed, and then went back out and worked until 2 am. We still had wedding season with C and D - there was no break. It was hard and stressful. It is nothing like where we are now.

I look at all that we have accomplished and I can't help but be proud of where we are. I can't help but feel grateful for the first time in 5 years Court and I took a paycheck. I can't help but feel relieved when The Bradford starting making its own mortgage payments. I can't help but feel..excited.

Sometimes you just need some perspective. As much as the busyness seems daunting - it is such a blessing. The stress of construction is slowly going away as the last little pieces are put in place here at The Bradford. The stress of "where is this money going to come from" is almost gone. In it's place is the joy of working with my brides. When I think of them walking down the aisle and the anticipation of seeing their groom, or the excitement as the reception space is unveiled- I find myself smiling. It is such an honor to be chosen to work with these wonderful clients.

Here's to you Wedding Season! We are ready and so very excited!


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