Friday, May 29, 2015

A Wedding and a Marriage??

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is having a great week! We are gearing up for a Bradford event and a Bat Mitzvah off-site this weekend. Always busy over here!

Today I wanted to talk about marriage - not in the sage/wisdom - I have it all figured out sort of way - because nothing could be further from the truth! I know we talk a lot about weddings over here and I feel that I have a real knack for pulling together all the details and executing an event that starts off a new relationship with a fairy tale day. However, these skills DO NOT in any way translate to a successful marriage! As much effort, time, planning, and stressing that goes into a wedding - that should be a paltry amount as compared to the effort, time, planning, and stressing that goes into your relationship - because after all is said and done - that is what's left and what you wanted for forever! (if we didn't..why get married??)

Marriage is hard - just ask anyone who is married! You are committing to stand beside this person and hold each other up through great times and terrible times - knowing that life will bring you difficulties and pain and hurt and anger...and I could go on! You committed to this person who you know will hurt you and disappoint you and make decisions that will affect you - choices that you may not agree with! I was married 13 years ago and I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was signing on for - what it meant to be married - not just GET married. It is a constant effort to BE married.

I am writing this - and it may (or may not ) be a series or ongoing topic as I learn and grow- because it's been hard lately! We have been fighting for it over  here - BEing married has not come naturally for us and it has left lots of wounds and questions and soul seeking in its wake. It has really made me question life's direction and what is best for my family. We have some great tools and support in place - people that love both of us and have been where we are and fought their way through. Today I have hope - and a journey ahead of me! Maybe we can walk it together, blog world - with the end goal of having a marriage that would put that gorgeous, dreamy wedding day to shame!


Where I am at right now!


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