Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Glassware Everywhere!

After first arriving at the Bradford, one of the responsibilities given to me was to just get the office organized. Not a big deal, until I found the flower room. The flower room, is our designated area to hold, process and assemble flowers. We also hold in this room ALL of the glassware we own... and we own a lot of glassware.

Over the past couple months we have been slowly going through each box, bin and bag we have cleaning and clearing our glassware. We now hand have them organized and grouped by type and size, and we officially have an inventory book! I could not be more excited! If you can't tell already by my previous posts I love to organize, and I will probably talk about it a lot... sorry!

But my organizational skills haven't always been there and I am always looking for great ways to improve it, or tips on how to organize specific areas of my own home, and at work. And my most helpful tool is Pinterest. I love it! all I do it type DIY organize and there are so many great ideas! So here are a few you may like to use, or go check it out yourself!

One of my favorites is A Bowl Full of Lemons! There are some great ideas and fun ways to keep organized. And a lot of it you can make your own or tweak to fit your needs!


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