Friday, May 1, 2015

It's Me Again!

I was supposed to pick up this blogging cross last week - and I guess that got away from me! I am officially on the schedule for Friday's so when there is no post you know who to blame....Dana...most things are her fault!

We are right in the middle of wedding season (as mentioned by the previous few posts) and at this particular insane season - our sod in the terrace decided that it is not coming back! We really haven't been super kind to it - depriving it of sunlight and water for months at a time...dragging tables/chairs/large pieces of furniture over it....not to mention the 100's of people that walk over it every month. Despite all of these abuses we really believed once we took the tent away that grass was going to bounce right back and be that vibrant/beautiful sod we laid this time last year! Not the case....and we had to do something and quick!

The thing about owning a venue is it has to be perfect ALL THE TIME - however, perfection usually takes time and well, when you are a wedding venue in wedding season the time you have is between Saturdays - like 6 days to get something done! So began the terrace turf project! Good thing I had NO IDEA how time consuming/difficult this project would be or our terrace would still be dead! SO just in case you decide to fill in your patio pavers with artificial turf - I am going to list out a handy how-to guide to conclude this post!

How To Revamp Your Patio in 6 Days or Less

1. Dig out your old sod - Dana and I started this and apparently Mikhail was watching from the window and decided that he had to intervene - we were never going to finish! He ripped up all the 1600 Sq. Ft of sod and left a huge mess on top of the terrace! (We were very thankful)

2. Clean up the mess you just made - We had to shake off all the dirt that was clinging to the sod and haul the sod away in a wheel barrel. This took a whole day! Completely underestimated this part of the process! (not the last time that would this week!)

3. Sweep all the dirt and fill in the cracks - We had to bring a bit of sand to fill in low parts to bring everything up to the same grade!

4. Unload the Grass from the truck - seems like an easy step unless your roll is over 300 lbs and fifteen foot wide! Took several people! We had to uproot a rose bush to find an area large enough to unroll this beast.

5. Cut the initial strips - There are lots of things you can do in the dark/dim light - cutting carpet accurately is not one of them! I definitely recommend if you are going to pull some long nights and try to accomplish this task in a week or less to reserve your day light hours for cutting!

6.  Install the 40 ft. long sections first - When installing you need to make sure edges are tucked in and you have seam tape at every cross section - you glue the middle to the tape and when you fill in the sides you stick those to the seam tape to make one large piece! It literally took Caroline and I 8 hours to install 7 strips - I was feeling pretty hopeless Tuesday evening - Sent an SOS to Mikhail

7. Start installing the cross sections - These are all the same length - so cutting went
relatively quick - we then established a routine - Dana would sweep the square and glue the strip down and I would come behind her and tack/nail it in - we started these Tuesday night and got through about 25%

8. Start Drinking - I have to include this as a step - as I would have never gotten through - by time we reached Wednesday I was hurting - my back, my butt bone, my shoulder - there felt like nothing that didn't hurt! We worked from 9 - 1 on the terrace - filling in another 25 % then took a break for lunch/work - We did another row before Dinner and had about 33% left for after dinner -  I didn't think we would make it! I felt like I was having back labor - but no Baby at the end! I tried Aleve, a beer, and finally Dana got us a couple travel mugs of wine - Not sure it got rid of the pain but made the task a little more bearable! We ended that night at 11:00 - I took a bath and went to bed!

9. Brush Sand into the Grass - This is the final step (per se' - I know we will have to go back trim/cut/finesse a few spots) You throw sand all over your new grass and use a broom to sweep it into the blades! Apparently this makes the blades stand at attention and give it some weight! As a tip - you can use regular playground sand for this step - they say you need silica sand - and well all sand is made of silica - I just saved you several hours and a pointless trip or two to Lowes!

10. Enjoy and revel at your handy work - we did this a bit last night - looked absolutely magical with the market lights overhead and the vibrant grass underneath! I felt like Tinkerbell or some other pixie/magical creature was about to plop down and have a tea party any minute!

Finished Product! (Just an i-phone pic - will uplaod a real one when we have it!)

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