Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Passion Planner Summer

Summer! Its summer ! I am so happy for summer! It means no school, no homework, no crazy papers or professors, it means sun and flowers and weddings! This summer could not have come fast enough! And while I couldn't be more ecstatic for this season, it also brings a lot to do. Not just the weddings and work, but its the time for me to do all of those things I've been putting off because I did't have enough time. So I've been thinking of some ways on how I can get these things done, without feeling like I've packed my days off with so many things to do that they don't really feel like days off!

A few months ago I heard about something called a Passion Planner. As I researched it I thought to myself " I NEED THIS!" It's a planner, but not just a typical planner. It helps you plan for everyday, for work and for life! It started out on Kickstarter and took off! It allows you to mind map four main life goals, and then small goals for every day that help you get there, while still leaving room for the things that need to get done. It has really changed how I plan my days and weeks. And really is something I will be using this summer. It will help me still enjoy the free days summer gives me as well as prioritize and still get it all done!

Here are a few pictures of the Passion Planner a video! I really encourage everyone to check it out !

                                                One example of the mind map!

A preview of what a week in the planner could be!

Watch one of their Kickstarter videos!!

- Caroline 


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