Thursday, May 28, 2015

The End of May

Can you believe that it is the end of May?!? I am still in slight shock that the month went by so quickly! I have loved this season. The flowers were so bright and vibrant, the weather was not too hot (some days), and the nights were still relatively cool. As June rolls around, I know that is all going to change. The days will get longer and hotter and the spring flowers will transition to summer flowers (still beautiful, just not as bountiful). And as sad as I am to see May go, I am looking forward to June even more. Not only do we have some pretty awesome weddings on the books - June 20th - seriously guys, it is going to be ah-mazing! But I am actually looking forward to the warm days and nights.

I have been scheming on how to get into a pool around here because nothing beats a lazy pool day. Now that the kiddos are older and I don't have to constantly fear for their life at a pool, it makes it a little more fun. No more swim diapers, diaper bags, or the conundrum of nursing while keeping the 3 year old from drowning. It is actually relaxing and fun! We kind of skipped last summer. I really don't even remember it! I just know we worked a lot and played very little. So, it is my mission to change that! I want this summer to be fun, to be relaxing, and to be filled with as much adventure as possible!

Any pool advice is appreciated - where to go, where not to go. We are thinking of the 15 punch pass with Raleigh Parks and Rec and utilizing Jordan Lake since it is right down the road. Any other great ideas out there??

I hope that you welcome June with open arms and bask in the sunshine when you can. One thing I have learned this year is that life is too short and moves way to fast to not stop, take a breath, and enjoy what is around you. Here's to a wonderful June!


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