Friday, June 12, 2015

I can't even complain

Hello Blog world. I know that I have been totally MIA for a few weeks - but I can't even begin to explain how busy we are. I know wedding planning comes in waves - I tell my clients this! But yet, I still am not even prepared for the waves! I can't say that it has slowed down - I just have, well temporarily.

Let me back it up.

Last weekend one of our own got married!

Aren't they just the cutest?!?
Kelsy and Jason were instrumental in helping getting this beast called The Bradford finished. Naturally, they chose The Bradford to have their wedding and we got to attend - well after a little bit of coordinating and flower making. The night before we were getting all the tables and rentals for Sunday's event all nice and tucked away and Court and I were moving a particularly heavy table when it fell..on my toe. Not a big deal..usually..but this time it hit in the sweet spot. I stood there for a minute and maybe said a few choice words thinking I could just walk it off. I couldn't.

The next day I hobbled along, With lots of Ibuprofen I made it through the day, and the next day as we had another wedding here on Sunday. By Monday the swelling was down and I realized it wasn't broken, just nice and purple, but I could walk on it with minimal pain.

Then Wednesday. Sam and I have been putting in a retaining wall to prevent our back porch from flooding and as all home projects go - it was taking forever, and we were at a stand still. I decided to be pro active and start back filling with some gravel. As I was carrying a bucket of gravel, I literally tripped over my own two feet and fell. On the way down I felt my ankle - which I sprained about 100 times as a teenager - roll. Kicker is - this is the OTHER foot. I literally cried. Not just because it hurt but because - seriously?!?! This is NOT the time to have a hurt ankle. We went inside and it was already swollen. I was grounded. Literally.

Last night I couldn't really sleep, and I just wanted to throw myself a pity party. I was reeling about all the things I had to do, All the weddings I had to have a functional ankle on. And it made me mad. I started going through the next 5 weeks and all that we had to do and I thought about our Summer Soiree. 

I thought about the meeting with the ladies of Interact and all my anger and frustration melted. I can't even complain. My life may take a pause for a few days. Maybe I have to work from my couch, Maybe it will take a little bit longer to walk somewhere, and maybe I can't be on my feet for 8 hours straight. But I can't even complain. There are women who are on their feet for over 8 hours a day and are in pain every second physically and emotionally. There are women who can't just pause for a few days, or work from a couch - but rather they have to keep on moving when their life is falling apart.

Interact is there for these families and women. They are the ones that help put their lives back together. They are such a huge part of our community and such an important part of so many people's lives. Instead of sitting in my anger, I counted my blessings.

Y'all - this party means so much to us. It is not just a publicity thing, but really something that we believe in! Interact is a place where women find solace, safety, a clean bed, clothes, a place for their kids to be safe, a place to tell their story in a safe place, a place where they can go and rest. They not only are there for domestic violence victims for women, but men, rape victims, and children. They are an organization that takes the ugly of this world and helps wash it away. So - please support this group. If you can't come to the party, go to the their thrift store, volunteer, drop off a bag of toiletries from the dollar store, or start pledging to give a monetary donation.

Some of us will never experience what these people experience who walk through Interact's doors. Some of us have. Some of us will. It is sobering, heartbreaking, and our brutal reality. If we don't step up to help - who will?

RSVP here

Hope to see you all there at what is to be a great night celebrating this organization and giving them a little bit of help in this upcoming year.



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