Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pass It On

Trends are always changing, clothes, shoes, bags and even phrases, it becomes all too hard for any of us to keep up with the latest fashions and even more costly! So what are we to do? What options do we have other than to pay our way to the top of the clothing throne and spend away our savings? No there are options and I am sure that I am not the first to decide to change my clothing shopping ways! 
Thrifting, second hand and bargain stores are the way to go! SO many up to date items are found barley worn for less than $5 everywhere. There are second hand stores all around the triangle and now "trending" are Instagram stores! You can look at peoples posts online and buy it straight from them! Its new and improved thrift shopping without the effort of digging for that perfect five dollar item that looks like it was a hundred dollars! Plus Macklemore thrifts.....sooo..

BUT If this doesn't convince you that there are other options than spending your money on something that wont last, check out InterAct's second hand store called Pass It On, and  Pass It On, Too. 

InterAct is a"InterAct is a private, nonprofit United Way agency that provides safety, support, and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape/sexual assault." To help pay for some of their fees they have opened up two stores that sell gently used high end clothing. Its a great way to shop, feel good about saving money, AND donate to a great organization all at the same time! If you would like to know more about InterAct and their stores check out their website, and maybe even see ways in which you can get involved !  


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