Monday, September 21, 2015

Isn't she lovely?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had 2 events here at The Bradford (one with the lovely ladies of Happily Ever After - always a pleasure!) and one C and D Events off site event. It was a pretty mild weekend in our books. The biggest challenge was turning over The Bradford and getting all the rentals shoved here and there. It was a gorgeous weekend and all 3 weddings went great!

While we were busy making dreams come true- our very own Becca was living her ultimate dream of becoming a Mama! I can not even begin to describe the joy we have experienced just getting such a sliver of a glimpse into their journey. Every time I see a new update, I tear up with relief for them, happiness, and just pure joy. This little girl is so loved. She has been prayed for, and wanted for 3 years! It was a rough road for Becca and Jake, but one that I know they would repeat in a heartbeat for their daughter. We are just literally bursting with anticipation to meet this beauty and to get our own turn to snuggle her!

When they get back they will go into a sort of hibernation to allow Liv to attach correctly to them, and to start building their little family of three. We are so excited for them, and we are so grateful that Becca gets this time with her! Without further ado - here is the lovely Alivia "Liv" Rohini Taylor!

(All photos are from her Instagram @beccaleetaylor)

Those eyes and that little smile- melts my heart!

I just love the pure joy you can see on their faces! This is them taking Liv for the first time.

I seriously just can't stand how sweet this is! Makes me cry every time. That smile, Jake's joy - ah- it's almost too much!

Congrats to Becca and Jake! We are so happy for you and we can't wait to meet this beautiful little girl!


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