Monday, January 18, 2016

Top 16 - Theres lots to do... but...

In the sprit of our Top 16 things we are excited about this year, I thought I'd share a few personal things. 

First, I'm getting married!!!! My best friend proposed to me this past October and made me the happiest person alive. We have been talking about it for a while and its almost here! In a few short months, we get the privilege of standing up in front of our closest family and friends and committing ourselves to each other for life.

Along with getting married, we both graduate this year! FINALLY! Four years seems like forever, but on top of that we graduate the day before we get married. I know, we are crazy having graduation and a wedding all in the same weekend. But it just happened to work out this way and the more I think about it the more I am happy with our decision, we get to share two of the best moments of 2016 with all our loved ones, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

On top of all that…. Sean will be attending grad school, which throws all our plans up in the air as we await to find our where we will end up.

So with graduation, a wedding, and maybe moving, my emotions are all over the place! But I’ve decided to use this burst of emotional energy and channel it into productivity. Because while we are all excited for next steps there is still a lot to do.

As I am knee deep in planning my own wedding, I have learned what its like to be “on the other side” of the process. Since joining the team I have only been introduced to planning a wedding for someone else, I am generally able to see things from a more objective stand point. Now planning my own, I understand at a much deeper level what our brides are going through and intend to use this new found knowledge as we go into the new work year. Especially in the area of communication. As a bride I want to know exactly what vendors can offer, exactly how much its going to cost and exactly what I need to do. But sometimes its hard for vendors to give us exactly what we want as there are always underlying factors we are unaware of.

So this year one of our goals as the C and D and Bradford teams is to be better at communication. So prepare to hear from us a lot more.  We are going to work o our presence on the blog and social media, as well as revamp our information packets so we can better serve you.

Now I know that’s a lot of stuff to look forward to but I really am excited for this year. So here’s to the new year and everything that comes with it

Here are some of our engagements photos thank to Brett Seay from Blest Studios!




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