Monday, February 22, 2016

Caroline And Sean's Love Story

Sean and I met junior year of high school at High Point Christian Academy. Now when most people hear that, they assume we are high school sweethearts. And while that would be a cute and wonderful tale, Sean and I laugh at the thought of our high school selves ever dating! In fact junior year, we were very far from it!

Sean and I met briefly one day after class just a few weeks into junior year. I was the new kid, and yet to have really found my group of friends, I didn't have my license, I was getting a ride from a boy in my class who's mother knew my mother and arranged him as my "chauffeur" for all of volleyball season. Because he played football, our practice got out at the same time, they lived close by and I needed to make friends and what better way to make friends then have your mother arrange it for you...... it was so humiliating for me that I don't even remember meeting Sean. However, Sean remembers the events very clearly.

He told me that up until that day Andrew, the boy with the car, was his ride to and from practice, and now he would have to find another ride because I stole him. To him I was the new girl that messed up his weekly schedule. What a great way to start of a relationship!

We didn't interact again until second semester during a class work day for spirit week. Because I was still the new girl, and lacked any real artistic ability I was assigned to boat duty. I was given a print out, youtube video and a cardboard box to turn into Captain Hooks ship for our Peter Pan themed hallway. Oh and Sean along with a few other guys were assigned to help me. None of them knew my name (and for the record I didn't know theirs but that's not the point!) Sean with his need to be witty and entertaining, decided to call me boat master, and for the rest of the year that was my new name. Although he swears to this day he really was just trying to be funny and knew exactly who I was, I still do't believe him.

From then on we were acquaintances and later into senior year became friends as we studied for anatomy and stats, oh and did I mention he dated my best friend, Ellen :/. I was the third wheel on many a date to Chick-fil-la and sporting events, and eventually became Sean's right hand man in figuring out how to make Ellen happy. Apparently I did't do that great of a job and by the time graduation rolled around the relationship was over and we all left for college.

Sean and I are on the left, this was taken in Florida on the annual high school senior service trip. 

Sean and I were two of the four people from our graduating class that ended up at NCSU. And the four of us stuck together as we navigated the new chapter in our lives. Eventually we began to form our own friend groups and drift apart, but Sean always seemed to be around. He quickly became my go to person and best friend and everything was great! Until I started dating Chris. Sean was moody and mad all the time, I didn't know why and it wasn't until Chris and I broke up that he seemed his old self again. As he comforted me after the breakup, we started staying out later just talking and hanging out, and eventually somewhere that year my feelings for him changed.

This was taken on a spontaneous beach day Freshman year of college.

I later found out he had liked me for quite some time and I had been completely oblivious! We started to go out on dates and just have fun. But I ruined it. Right before the summer of freshman year I told him I just wanted to be friends... it was a total lie, but I left, I mean I literally left the country for the next 10 weeks. Not exactly the best way to end things.

As school started back Sean and I respectfully gave each other the silent treatment. We didn't speak at all, and barley acknowledged each others presence even though we saw each other  ALLL the time, because he lived in the same building, right above my suite. Those next 6 months were the absolute worst. I think I cried everyday and was constantly in a pout. I missed my best friend and I still liked him, I was just scared to ruin a friendship, but the problem was I had already ruined it, so I decided that wallowing in self-pity was the answer. I was such a downer to be around and all my roommates can testify that they had had enough of this ridiculousness.

My roommate eventually helped me realize that it wasn't worth it, and that I had nothing left to loose, it was time to talk to him. After some liquid courage (because we all need some now and again) I walked right up to his door and asked to chat. After that things happened rather fast, within three days we were not only best friends again but officially and publicly dating. It was great!

After just a few months I knew he was it and I couldn't have been happier. About a year into the relationship we started talking about marriage. We knew were young, but waiting any longer was just not an option. We had great relationships with each others families and when you know, you just know.

And finally this past October he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! And in just 75 days we will graduate and in 76 days we will tie the knot at The Bradford with all of our friends and family!

So no, we aren't high school sweethearts, and while that would make for a great story, I like ours a lot better.

Just a few photos from our engagement shoot with Blest Studios!


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