Monday, February 29, 2016

Love and Marriage Series: Contentment and Dreams

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kelsy and I have the honor of helping the C&D Team pull off some incredible weddings. I had the privilege of getting married to the love of my life, Jason, at The Bradford last June. Reflecting back almost 8 months later, that day was truly a dream come true. Not only because I got to get all dolled up and dance the night away, but mostly because I got to celebrate and be celebrated by the most important people in my life. Yes, that day was mostly about Jason and me, but it was also about the friends and family who have supported us along the way. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a strong support system in my life.

As I think about what advice I would like to share on the topic of Love and Marriage, there are a plethora of options that come to mind. The two thoughts on my mind lately are contentment and dreams. I truly believe that a happy and fulfilling marriage has to incorporate both of these ideas; being content about life in general is important, being content in marriage is critical. I am a perfectionist and have a tendency to over-analyze everything in life. This can lead to feeling unsettled and not content with my life. There will always be something that can be different or better, and when I dwell on what I don’t have I miss out on the joys in life; it is a daily decision to appreciate and enjoy what you already have. I experience the most joy in my marriage with Jason when I make a conscious decision to be content and thus appreciate him more. Instead of dwelling on how he or my life could be different, I get to enjoy the blessings I already have. That is way more fun!  

However, being content is only half of the puzzle, if I stopped there I wouldn’t be capturing the full picture. I have learned that while it's critical to be satisfied with your unique situation, it is also critical to work towards growth and both partners' goals and dreams for the future. One of my absolute favorite aspects of my marriage with Jason is working as a team with him. It is incredibly fun and rewarding when you have common goals and work towards them together. We have experienced a tremendous amount of positive change since our dating years and seeing that growth in our relationship is incredibly rewarding

One goal that we are working on right now is saving for a house. Jason is by far the handiest person that I have ever met (and I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife- ask anyone that knows him). His handiness, coupled with my very amateur design eye has resulted in a strong desire to buy an old (and rather ugly) house and make it our own; too much HGTV I’m sure! This goal is years away for us and having diligence in saving enough each month to one day live out our dream is a lot of fun (and hard work!)  

So here is to feeling content with what life has handed you right now- and dreaming about what the future brings. 


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