Friday, February 19, 2016

Love and Marriage Series: What Inspires Us (Leah and Adam)

Happy Friday y'all! I hope that everyone is gearing up for a fabulous weekend! I personally am nursing a nasty cold, but we're really looking forward to attending The WED Tour on Sunday. A night of amazing vendors, great food, bubbly and wedding planning... what could be better?! (enjoying it sans a cold.. that's what).

Today I'm finishing up my portion of the love and marriage series by talking about what inspires Adam and I. I know that I said my last post on love advice was difficult to think about.. but this topic is even harder. We've only known each other for just over a year, so even though we're engaged to be married we're still learning about us, our relationship and each other.

Call me sappy, mushy, or what have you, but truth be told what inspires us at this point in our relationship is each other. Adam and I are very alike in many ways, but we're also opposites in some characteristics as well. He's a calm, cool, collected optimist who's motto seems to be "let's see what happens", while I'm a more future/planning focused, sometimes overly analytical and anxious realist.

We are learning from each other constantly and both agree that being with each other makes us better than we are as individuals. We challenge each other but also support and encourage each other, no matter what. Our love is unconditional and inspired by each other.

I can imagine some of the eye rolls that are happening now, I totally get it.. it all sounds sappy and kind of like a cop out. This is what our inspiration is right now, but I know that as our relationship continues it will change. We will find things down the road that mean so much and inspire us in new and different ways. I know we have a lot to learn and many amazing things ahead, and I can't wait to see what it is that inspires us in 1, 5, 10, 20+ years from now!

I've really loved sharing with everyone about Adam and I: our story, our advice, our inspiration. I hope that you all have enjoyed reading the posts as much as I've enjoyed writing them! I also can't wait to hear from Dana, Courtney, Becca, Kelsy and Caroline - learning more about their relationships, stories, advice and inspiration as well! 


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