Monday, February 8, 2016

Top 16: The Season of Love

Happy Monday friends!

I hope that you Carolina folks aren't too depressed today - what a sad loss for the Panthers at the Superbowl last night!  The Panthers playing in the Superbowl again brought back memories for me - as 12 years ago, I attended a Superbowl party to cheer on the Panthers and met a very sweet, southern band boy with long red hair, who eventually would become my husband!  We were babies then, freshmen in college, and ended up becoming the best of friends.  After a few years, and other relationships, we finally confessed that we had always wanted to be together.

Just in case you want a visual of our dating years!

Now we are 8 years into marriage with a sweet little baby.  I'll be sharing more during our relationship series coming soon on the blog about how our marriage and life has changed bringing a wild little toddler into the mix.

We are very busy in the C&D Events/Bradford office this month - we've been booking brides continuously and have been very involved in planning meetings while we have the time before our crazy spring season begins.  I'm VERY excited about my clients this year - I have some really sweet couples who have such awesome visions for their weddings.  I really do love that I get to be a part of building their marriage!

We also have some pretty awesome Style Shoots planned for 2016, as well as our C&D Summer Soiree - you'll hear more about all of those in the upcoming weeks!  So much to look forward to!

As it is Valentine's week - I'm hoping that all of you readers feel loved and special this week!  I'm sure my Valentine's Day may look a little bit different this year - instead of a fancy meal, we may have a date night in with our favorite take-out and splurge on some fun dessert treat and fancy wine.  Whatever you do, make sure those you love know it, this Valentine's week!


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