Friday, February 5, 2016

Top 16: Clients!

Welcome back to our series "Top 16 in 2016"! Today I want to speak about our clients! We LOVE our clients over here! For many of them, by the end of the planning process, we have become quite good friends. This year is no exception! We have some pretty awesome clients that are throwing some spectacular events this year! Let me list the top 3 reasons we love them!

1. They are so creative - Our brides have such great style! I am digging all the looks we have going on this year from clean and crisp to moody and bohemian. I love it when you first start talking design with a clients and you hone in on their vision and you can see it in their eyes when you have nailed it! You know at that point you are speaking the same language and the end product is going to be incredible but most of all you know they are going to love it on the day!

2. Quality over quantity - We have been seeing this great shift over here both at the Bradford and with C and D clients toward smaller weddings. Let me tell you how much I LOVE this trend. Not only does it make clients think about who is really important to them and who they really want to witness their wedding but it allows for so much room in the budget for amazing food and over the top details. As a planner of details this makes me so excited!

3. Guest focused - Our clients this year are super focused on their guests! While the day IS about the Bride and Groom - we have noticed how grateful our clients are for their friends and families making the trip to celebrate with them on their wedding day. This translates into great welcome bags, shuttles to and from hotels, creative favors, and personal Thank you speeches that make guests feel special and honored at the wedding. We love a thoughtful client!

While there are many more reasons we love our clients - we thought we would just share the top 3 with you and maybe give a few ideas for your own events! Have a great weekend, Courtney


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