Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Top 16: Office Organization

This year we have implemented a few things to help keep the office organized, so we can keep a little bit of our sanity as we spring forward into the new year.

Here are the three things I believe that have helped us along:

1) Blank Slate - Before we started anything this year we decided to purge the office. We got rid of everything we don't use, or that has been sitting around forever. We cleaned, but most importantly we changed. We move the desks around for a better working environment. This has allowed us to start the new year with literally a fresh perspective. This fresh perspective has given us the energy to keep it cleaned and organized.

2) Team Meetings - Every Wednesday the four of us get together at 9 a.m. to talk about the goals for coming week and make lists. At first it seemed to be a little redundant saying the same things over and over again. But we've found that once we verbalize lists outloud and write them down together, they become real. It becomes a "thing" that has to be done because well the rest of the team is counting on you to get it done. Holding each other accountable not only helps with the getting things done, but simply allows us to be on the same page.

3) Synced Calendars - We are all officially synced on each other calendars this year. It has been amazing what knowing where each other will be during the workday does for us! We go to a lot of client meetings, and give lots of tours, and not all four of us are in the office at the same time (except at 9a.m. on Wednesdays). It has helped and increased our communication as now we know when to best reach each other.

4) Communication - The calendars and team meetings are really all about communication, which I believe to be the key to offie organization. If we know what each other needs and wants, we can works best with each other and have an organized system. Communication is great, but it must be effective too. And so the circle of organization makes effective communication and effective communication makes for great organization begins. And when we are organized and communicating we can give our clients the best experience!

So theres my two cents, and I look forward to a happy organized communicating office this year!


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