Monday, March 7, 2016

Love and Marriage: Becca's Story

Happy Monday friends!  

Today in our Love and Marriage series I’ll be sharing my love story!  If you don’t like mushy stories - don’t read this blog series - we have a lot of love going on!

Growing up, I always had hoped to one day truly marry my best friend.  Sometimes I think that can be cliche wordage as many people do marry someone who becomes their best friend, but I can honestly say that my relationship with my husband was built upon a solid friendship first.  I was always told by my parents that God has picked out a husband specifically for me, and they encouraged me to wait and not give my heart away until I had met “the one.”  

It was freshman year of college, and I was at a superbowl party - 2004 to be exact, the year the Carolina Panthers were playing.  I was at my boyfriend’s house at the time, with a group of friends, and the boyfriend introduced me to one of his new friends, “Jake.”  Jake was a band boy, you could tell, complete with long hair and skinny jeans and a southern accent.  He sure wasn’t my “type”, so I thought nothing of it when we met.  That night after meeting, he went home and told his whole suite that he had met the girl he was going to marry.  He’s always been so much more intuitive and great at reading people and situations than me!  

around '06 - college sweethearts

Fast forward a bit - I broke things off with the boyfriend, and Jake and I spent lots of time together hanging out and going to college events.  He would pick me up from Meredith and we’d sit in his car for hours and chat. I was starting to see that he was really a great guy and what I would call “marriage material.”  After dating a couple guys I met in college, I made a pact with myself to sit back and let the right guy pursue me - believing fully that God would put the right man in my life when it was time.  Jake and I were still spending so much time together and I just really didn’t think he was into me - after all, if he was, wouldn’t he pursue me more/ask me out?  Come to find out, we had become the best of friends and I think were both afraid to mess that up.  I would talk to my best friend and mom about him, and he would spend hours talking to his older brother about me.  My mom convinced me that even though he wasn’t the “type” I thought I would end up with, he had all of the important things that really mattered in a partner.  He was so fun, made me laugh constantly, was tenderhearted and truly cared about others, and just so genuine.  I became so crazy about him!

Finally, before spring break our junior year, he confessed that ALL THESE YEARS he had been crazy about me.  I, too, confessed the same - and after a few days praying and talking it out, we started dating.  I was careful to jump into another relationship, because at this point, I knew I wanted him to be the one.  After that spring break, we started officially dating - in May we will have been together for 10 years and we’ll celebrate 8 years of marriage in August.

He proposed on a surprise date night in Wilmington at Airlie Gardens - complete with a fancy dinner date and a sweet book of notes with the final page saying, “will you marry me?”  We were engaged for 8 months and got married at a gorgeous private estate in Youngsville - seriously the happiest day!
Photo courtesy of S2S Photography

He continues to be my best friend.  He continues to make me laugh and to pursue my heart and spoil me.  He really is my biggest fan and loves me like crazy.  He’s even more attractive as a new dad! :) He’s such a great dad to our daughter.  For any of you readers waiting on the right partner - just know they are out there and they are worth the wait! Don’t settle!  I’ll share more in a later post about how marriage and starting a family changes thing, but one thing I can say - with hard work, prayer, and a lot of grace and fun, our marriage has only become better over the past few years.

photo courtesy of Dana Laymon Photography


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