Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Love and Marriage Series: Courtney and Mikhail's Inspiration


Hello Blog world! Continuing on with my week of Love and Marriage I want to share what inspires me! Since Dana took the most obvious choices - not just one but BOTH our parents and Grandparents, I had to dig a little deeper and really think about what inspires me in my Marriage.

It struck me that what inspired me five years ago or ten years ago is not the same as what inspires me today - so inspiration sources can change over the years. This made me think of what has been inspiring me in the past year - and we have needed it! We were having a really hard time this time last year and I didn't know what to do about it - I felt lost, trapped, and honestly hopeless! It just so happened that my parent were visiting when all of these feeling were coming to a head and they suggested a bible study that their church was doing together and it was called You and Me Forever by Francis Chan.
This book could not have been more timely! It really challenged me in my marriage in ways that I had not been challenged before and it allowed me to take my focus off my spouse and what I thought he was doing wrong and instead focus on me and my relationship with God as the source of life contentment and peace. This was a first step to LOTS of healing and communication in our relationship and was a Godsend - in every way that word is intended! This lead to some great personal revelations and big changes that I will share on Friday in my advice segment!



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