Friday, March 18, 2016

Love and Marriage Series: Dana's Inspiration

What a beautiful day today is! I love this weather- it is my absolute favorite! Today I will be sharing what inspires me in our marriage. I first want to say thank you for letting me share my story. It was a wonderful thing to constantly reflect on my marriage this week! It was a great exercise and one that made me appreciate my spouse so much more.

The Inspiration Post is one that I have also been thinking a lot about! It was pretty easy to come up with and if you read on, you will see why.

There are two major relationships in my life that I think showed me the correct way a marriage and relationship should be. The first is my grandparents:

Married over 60 years!
We threw them a 60th anniversary party with my aunts and uncles and it was the coolest and neatest thing to have people stand up and talk about how inspiring their marriage was and is to them. And it is all so true! I love that Papa absolutely loves my Nina. He just thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread. He frets over her, dotes on her, and when she is sick - he is the sentry guarding her with everything he has. They hold hands, give each other a kiss, and are not afraid to show affection. I love this two, I love their marriage, I love their testimony, and I love that they love so fully and whole heartedly. 

The next is my parents: 
Married for almost 36 years! 
Obviously I looked up to my parents. But the one thing that I have burned in my memory is the two of them being so sappy and in love. I can't tell you how many times you would catch them kissing in the kitchen or exchanging playful looks. My friends thought it was so weird and probably gross, but I found it to be so comforting. In the world where half my friends had parents that were getting divorced, it was nice being reassured that was not the case for us. I also think that Mom showed me how to be a strong woman. She deferred to Dad on a lot of things, and truly trusted his vision for our family, but she also wasn't afraid to speak up. She had just as strong of a voice and just as much decision power as he did. She showed us a great balance of being a follower and a leader in the home.

No one can really prepare you for marriage. No matter how many books you read or advice you listen to, marriage is just plain hard. It is hard to be selfless. It is hard to wake up some days and look over and say - "I choose to love you today." It is hard to love someone so much and have your feelings hurt by them. It is hard to plan, and trust when sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees. 

As hard as it is, I know that at the core, I chose a good one. And I firmly believe that this is why - My mom saw her dad treat her mother with respect. She saw him love her unconditionally. She saw him never take his eyes off of her when she walked into the room. So, when she met my dad- she had standards. She knew how she should be treated and she didn't settle. When I was a little girl I saw my dad treat my mother with respect. I saw him love her unconditionally. I saw him never take his eyes off of her when she walked into the room and when I met Sam, I didn't settle. I knew how I should be treated. So when Ada sees her dad treat me with respect, love me unconditionally, and tell me I am the most beautiful thing - she too, will have standards and she will know how to be treated and loved. 

Love is so powerful. It transcends time and generations. I am so grateful for the example I had growing up and still have to this day! I hope that our love story inspires our children and our grandchildren one day. What a wonderful Legacy my grandparents have built. I can't even imagine anything more precious or valuable to leave on this Earth. Love truly is the best and most wondrous thing. 


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