Friday, March 11, 2016

Love & Marriage: Becca's relationship advice

The thing we’ve learned the most about over the past few years has been to enjoy the present.  See, we had this 5 year marriage plan – we’d be married for 5 years and then get pregnant and have the most perfect little family.  God had other plans for us.  When we were just newlyweds, we spent time serving the poor in India villages and fell in love with the children and people of India.  After a few mission trips to India that we were so privileged to be a part of, we really felt like God was calling us to stop with our plans, and to start our family through adoption.  What we thought would be a quick 15 months, became 3.5 years of waiting for our parenthood to start.  There were many days we thought it would never happen, but we did finally become parents to the sweetest little girl last September. 

on our first trip to India!

Long story short – while all of our friends were having babies and “moving on” with their lives, so we felt, we were a little stuck in this place of waiting.  Looking back and finally being on the other side, I see how sweet and precious our time was just the two of us.  We were able to move around in our careers, travel a LOT, serve others, spend time with friends, and spend so much time together. 

Our culture has a habit of always moving forward, always focusing on the “next” season of life and we’re so easily tempted by what everyone else is doing.  I’ve learned through all of our waiting, that right now really is a sweet season.  There is so much joy robbed in the now when we are always focusing on what’s next.  It’s true, there is always hard stuff in every season we’re in (we’re human!), but I believe that stopping to soak up the now, especially in marriage, has rich reward.  So – my advice to you, whether you are single, dating, engaged, married – soak up the NOW.  You will never get back this time!
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