Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sarah and Roger: Duke Gardens

This couple! Guys, I can't even begin to tell you how awesome they are. I actually met Sarah on a very hot summer day driving back from Winston-Salem while I was visiting a friend. I had chatted with them on the phone and since they live in Greensboro, it wasn't easy to schedule a time to have a consult. I mentioned I was going to be in the area that week, but I would have both of my kiddos with me. She assured me it was fine, but boy was I sweating it! I bribed them with Chick-Fil-A, and it worked great! They were so tired from swimming all day, they just sat and ate their food with no incident. 

Immediately, I loved this girl's style. She was so calm and easy to talk to. I knew she was the right fit for C&D. Luckily, she thought so too! Sarah had originally wanted to do the flowers herself, but as with most brides, that proved to be too much, so we swooped in and designed the space with some glassware she had already purchased. It was gorgeous! I adored the amber vases  - they were the perfect piece to put it all together! 

They had a stellar vendor team, and the day went by perfectly. They are seriously the sweetest, most down to earth, and wonderful people! They are also gorgeous! Seriously. At the end of the night I said I was going to call on them to model one day and sure enough I did! They have been the couple that just keeps on giving! Not only did they model for the Darling Wedding Workshop, but they also were our featured wedding in Southern Bride and Groom! They have done SO much for us and we are so grateful that they chose us to share in their day. Enjoy the pictures all from Hartman Outdoor Photography! 

Love this look

I mean seriously- this dress, the bouquet, the bride- STUNNING

I loved this arbor -so much fun to design!

Full shot of the arbor

She had two sizes of these vases - they were perfect

This is the wedding I got introduced to secret garden roses. They got HUGE and were the perfect vintage pink color


The sign-in. Loved this picture of the NC that the guest signed 

You can see why I asked her to model!

I love Duke Gardens- such a beautiful and serene ceremony spot

pew markers

Bridesmaids carried small mini bouquets with roses, and herbs

Loved making this one!

the tables - those succulents were huge- the perfect accessory to the arrangement

Love little touches like this 

So this is my genius moment. The cakes came and they were plain white, and no flowers. It looked to stark and really needed some flowers.So we ended up reusing the pew markers to give them a little extra pop. It turned out great! 

So cute! 

Guests enjoying dinner 

Loves this shot! 

Such a cute picture- they truly were all smiles all night! 

Thank you to our awesome vendors!!

Venue: Duke Gardens 
Getaway car: Eco Style 


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